Microsoft Dynamics Cloud Computing

Cut costs, increase productivity, and streamline your business with Microsoft's cloud. 


IES can help your business migrate data to the secure confines of the cloud. With custom designed solutions geared for any size business, our team can help your organization properly harness the power of our global digital disruption. That horsepower will help your business work smarter and faster in the secure environment of Microsoft Dynamics cloud computing.

Once your data is secured in the cloud, our hosted ERP solutions will enable all your business functions from one centralized hub. If you can imagine managing customer service, financials, operations, sales, and other business functions from one integrated platform -- IES can help you achieve it.

Lower costs, greater storage, easier access, and better security can all be yours. IES has worked with dozens of businesses around the country to help streamline their processes by updating legacy on-premise applications to the ease and convenience of the cloud.

Join the migration.


Your company doesn't fit a standard mold, so why should you settle for a cookie-cutter IT strategy? IES can help develop a unique selection of hosting services that will work best for your company's needs. The Microsoft Dynamics cloud computing solutions that we will help you adopt—be they in a private or public cloud or hosted on-site—will make the most sense for your business and provide the greatest ROI.

Here are the advantages to Microsoft's hosted ERP solutions:

Minimized Initial Investment

Unlike conventional onsite ERP solutions, a hosted ERP solution does not require a substantial upfront investment. A typical onsite ERP implementation involves purchasing and maintaining servers, housing them securely, then deploying, configuring, and maintaining the software. In addition to a sizeable upfront capital outlay, this also requires the time, effort, and associated costs of hiring and maintaining a staff of experienced IT personnel.

With a hosted ERP solution the burden of implementing, maintaining, and keeping the application up to date is shifted from the customer to the solution provider. This approach eliminates the costs and complexities of installing and integrating additional hardware to support the software and hiring additional staff to support the application on an ongoing basis. As a result, a hosted ERP solution is particularly advantageous for small to midsize organizations with tight capital budgets and limited IT resources.

Accelerate and Increase Return on Investment of the Application

In keeping with the business model of SaaS applications, hosted ERP solutions can be implemented with relative ease and integrated faster into the organization's day-to-day business than their onsite ERP counterparts. In fact, most typical hosted ERP solutions can be up and running in mere weeks, rather than months or even years, as may be the case with traditional onsite ERP software. This enables organizations to begin realizing the business benefits earlier, which, in turn, results in a more rapid payback, a greater return on investment (ROI), and a reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) over the course of the investment.

Fast Deployment

Bring the usual several month-long processes down to weeks or even days. We can help get you up and running in a fraction of the time it takes to install and configure traditional solutions.

Seamless Upgrades

With traditional licensed ERP software, organizations typically must wait for the next release to benefit from the latest features, upgrades, or security patches. In addition, the cost, complexity, and potential disruption of moving to a new onsite software version often cause some organizations to defer upgrading to the newest release. This, in turn, prevents employees from taking advantage of the latest productivity enhancing tools consistently being added to the applications. Hosted ERP systems, however, eliminate this common problem. Under this delivery model, the provider continuously and unobtrusively adds the latest features and upgrades, which means that users can be assured that they're actually using—rather than waiting for—the latest technology, without drawn-out upgrades, customization, and consulting costs.

Reduced Dependence on Internal IT Resources

Hosted ERP systems typically require significantly fewer technical resources to manage than onsite ERP solutions because the hosting provider manages the software, hardware, and network administration. This reduces the strain on the organization's IT department, allowing it to redeploy IT resources to focus on other, business-building tasks.

Make Changes on Demand

Hosted ERP solutions are easily scalable and can be adapted to meet your changing business requirements. Adding or removing users can be done on demand and will simply change the monthly subscription fee. This flexibility is particularly beneficial for growing, seasonal, or cyclical businesses that need to quickly change their user base to meet their unique business requirements.


Why choose IES for your Dynamics 365, Dynamics 365 Business Central, or GP consulting needs? As Microsoft Gold Partners, we are certified to help you determine the best Microsoft solution for your business. Our staff consists of software experts with years of experience addressing the needs and concerns of clients across a variety of industries.

Contact IES if:

  1. You want to lower expenses associated with software acquisitions in the near term.
  2. You want to shift some of your IT budget from capital expense to operational expense.
  3. You have limited IT resources to deploy and maintain needed hardware and software.
  4. You need to refocus your IT staff from deployment and maintenance to high-priority projects.
  5. You want to reduce energy consumption and expense.