Microsoft Dynamics Implementation Consultants

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Microsoft Dynamics Implementation Consultants

Microsoft Dynamics offers small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) the opportunity to streamline essential workflows to help them become more competitive with larger companies. With proper implementation, your organization can gain insights that help it transforms into a business that makes data-driven decisions and achieve greater success. Your chances of a successful transition increase when you bring in an experienced Microsoft Dynamics implementation consultation to assist.

Microsoft Dynamics Implementation Challenges

The scalability of Microsoft Dynamics has made it a favorite among various industries. However, there’s a lot to consider when working to integrate the platform into your organization. There may be unique customizations required to help Microsoft Dynamics fit your culture. Let’s look at some other challenges your company might run into and why you should consider working with a company like Internet eBusiness Solutions (IES), which offers Microsoft Dynamics implementation services.

What Can I Do with Microsoft Dynamics Accounting Software?

Below is a rundown of some of the top financial functions available within Dynamics GP Accounting.

1. Solution Complexity

One of Dynamics 365’s biggest draws also presents a big challenge for businesses. You can do so much with the platform that it often becomes difficult for companies to narrow down which modules are most essential. Because of that, the project team may have a hard time figuring out where to start with the Dynamics 365 implementation.

All versions of the product, including Microsoft Dynamics NAV, involve a steep learning curve. That’s why it’s important to have experts like IES helping you map out and execute your implementation. If you hire an inexperienced solutions provider, they may not have the knowledge and experience necessary to guide your organization through the entire process.

2. Data Migration

The more data you manage, the more complex the migration process from your old data stores to Microsoft Dynamics. In addition, you’ll likely have to account for information stored across different areas of the organization in different formats. Missing one source of data could lead to implementation failure. Factors your company must consider when migrating information over to your new Microsoft Dynamics implementation include:

  • Looking at how much data you must transport over to the new system
  • Figuring out the compatibility of the data format with the new source
  • Deciding on the framework to use for data migration
  • Considering what tools to use when transferring the data

Depending on how much information your company needs to move, quite a bit of your project can be taken up with data migration. You need Microsoft Dynamics implementation consultants who understand how to test things out with a small subset of information before scaling up to complete the data migration.

3. Buy-in From Key Stakeholders

You must get leaders’ approval from the areas that will use the Microsoft Dynamics implementation. If you’re pitching to managing directors or board members, they’re going to need to understand the numbers behind the platform. You need to explain how the new Microsoft Dynamics implementation will help grow revenues and help cut back on overhead costs.

At IES, we understand that leaders want to hear about how the solution will improve essential KPIs and help the company grow. Our team can help your show the value in shifting critical business functions over to Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM. We also put an emphasis on the way the solution improves data security, which can protect the organization from becoming victims of data theft.

4. User Adoption

Another significant factor to consider is how users interact with the new system. That means investing in training to help end-users understand how to use Microsoft Dynamics and the impact it will have on managing their daily work. Any miscalculation could hinder user adoption of the new platform. To help with that, IES helps organizations map out a proper implementation strategy that assists users in transitioning to using the new software.

What You Gain by Hiring Dynamics 365 Consultants

Our team can be the go-between for the project team responsible for Microsoft Dynamics implementation services. We liaison with IT teams to ensure that the new technology aligns properly with the existing infrastructure. We also help with helping your company integrate other Microsoft platforms to work with Dynamics 365 like Office 365, Outlook, and Power BI.

Even if your business uses other non-Microsoft technology, we can assist you in integrating those tools into Microsoft Dynamics. That includes working with other marketing platforms to improve your ability to create user-centric campaigns that increase your appeal to your company’s target audience.


Cloud vs. On-Premises Set-Up

Another benefit of having a Microsoft Dynamics implementation consultant helping you in your effort is that we can assist with your setup. That includes helping you with an on-premises implementation using proprietary in-house servers. If you decide to go with cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics 365, IES can help you coordinate your subscription and help you find a subscription plan that fits your budget and gets you every component necessary to run your business.


Best Practices for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation

At IES, we include subject matter experts (SMEs) to function as project assets. We believe in having the people closest to the work offer crucial feedback on the progress of our Microsoft Dynamics implementation services. In addition, that lowers the risk of the project and increases the chances of post-product implementation support from the rest of the organization.

Another best practice we follow is to encourage a collaborative effort when rolling out the solution. Areas like finance, sales, and marketing should have input about our Microsoft Dynamics implementation plans. That way, we ensure that the project team has the resources necessary for each process step.

As part of our Microsoft Dynamics implementation services, IES ensure that customizations get finished before we start any integrations. That way, we can ensure the system runs smoothly before connecting any external technical resources.

Best Practices for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation

Get Help With Your Microsoft Dynamics Implementation

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