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Microsoft Azure Managed Services leverages a qualified technology expert to manage your decentralized and complex cloud infrastructures.

Managing the Complexities of Today’s IT

If you’re pursuing digital transformation, your business is in a race to the cloud. Cloud service providers, including Microsoft Azure, offer an unparalleled ability for your business to scale without the overhead costs associated with an on-premise server bank. Cloud models offer higher levels of security within a structured, budget-friendly line item suited for every business, from start-up to enterprise.

However, there is growing complexity associated with public cloud offerings. Today’s IT architectures are diversified, with hybrid on-prem and cloud, as well as leveraging multiple cloud providers to manage your growing data needs. How can CIOs manage these complexities to increase cost and lower compliance? How can smaller and mid-market companies ensure they’re getting the most bang for their cloud buck?

The answer to these questions rests in the capable hands of your Microsoft Azure Managed Services provider.

What is Microsoft Azure Managed Services?

Microsoft Azure Managed Services leverages a qualified technology expert to manage your decentralized and complex cloud infrastructures. The Azure expert MSP is tasked with oversight of the Azure cloud. Without this governance, your promising cloud architectures could lack the ROI you desire — and budgets demand.

As our reliance on cloud services increase, they increasingly require the attention of your IT teams to monitor for overprovisioning and wasteful spending. Careful monitoring of these services will ensure your service levels match expenditures. But this kind of attention takes an exorbitant amount of IT time when these teams instead should be tasked with digital transformation.

Microsoft Azure Managed Services provides architecture design, ongoing operational monitoring, governance, and risk management of your Azure managed applications. These services cover cloud compute usage to control consumption and maximize spend. They can also include infrastructure configurations and governance, as well as SaaS cloud applications.

Typically, an Azure expert MSP is certified by the organization to provide effective vendor advisory and management partnerships within the Azure cloud offering. These experts ensure Microsoft Azure Managed Services clients reap the maximum benefit of their cloud architectures. Azure expert MSP companies follow the latest proven best practices to handle architecture design, security, and daily operations of your assets residing in the Azure cloud.


Globally, there is still a shortage of cloud expertise. Translating on-premise server skills to the cloud environment isn’t as easy as it sounds. Organizations that lack access to the time and talent necessary to manage cloud assets are at risk of falling behind.

Today, companies have gone truly hybrid, managing on-premise and cloud applications in tandem. Our use of the public cloud often encompasses multiple providers, along with private clouds and on-site resources. But we seem to have traded scalability for culpability; managing all of these resources to maximize their benefits takes time and attention most IT teams just don’t have.

Azure Managed Services offers the benefits of a partnership with an external Azure Expert MSP. Because these providers are trained to spot inefficiency, companies recoup the cost of these vendor relationships quickly and consistently, month after month.

An Azure Managed Applications advisor is trained to help you recoup the full financial and operational benefits of these cloud models. They are typically equally experienced in advisory services for cloud migrations as well as end-to-end operational management once the migration is complete.


Some of the benefits of Azure managed applications include:

  • Getting the full value of your Azure cloud investments. An Azure expert MSP can help you identify areas for savings or cost-cutting while also maximizing your spend.
  • Understanding the hidden value of Azure tools. Forget manual builds; your Azure expert MSP is trained to use infrastructure-as-code to spin up and down test environments, scale up production, and maintain consistent configuration and governance standards across the Azure cloud.
  • Maintaining Azure cloud compliance. Risk-averse companies require an Azure expert MSP for ongoing compliance monitoring. These teams can help you with Azure Resource Manager templates for HITRUST, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, FedRAMP, or other tools. They can also help you with audit readiness.
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  • Gaining access to additional resources, 24-7. Maintaining the availability of your IT team is time-consuming and puts an undue burden on the work-life balance of these important resources. An Azure expert MSP can help mitigate these risks.
  • Using managed backups and break fixes. While there is no equipment to replace, cloud services require some maintenance. Some services can be automated but there are still labor-intensive maintenance tasks that your team simply doesn’t have time to handle. That’s where an Azure expert MSP can help.

Finally, consider that the Azure cloud is constantly innovating. Tracking these changes and reconfiguring tools to tune up your Azure managed applications is a crucial step toward getting the most bang for your buck. Keeping up with new products, new configurations, announcements, and upgrades, are all tasks better handled by your Microsoft Azure managed services provider.

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Microsoft Azure Managed Services + IES — The Right Choice

If your organization is concerned with the spiraling costs of your cloud architectures, you are not alone. Microsoft Azure Managed Services were created to solve this conundrum. IES is your Azure expert MSP. We offer unbeatable oversight so that you can unlock value from your IT architectures and reap the full benefit of your Azure cloud spend.

IES helps small, mid-sized, and enterprise organizations get to the Azure cloud by managing your most complex and critical workloads. Then we manage risk and increase your ROI by watching costs closely, which frees up the time of your IT team to focus on strategic transformation. We help tackle some of the toughest questions faced by CIOs, including:

  • Developing the strategies and migration tactics necessary to migrate workloads to Azure without disrupting critical operations.
  • Managing compute cycles for compliance, governance, and risk.
  • Handling critical governance and infrastructure issues.
  • Recommending upgrades or ways to cut costs and improve efficiency.
  • Ensuring cloud vendor compliance with agreed-upon service levels.
  • Suggest architectural or service level changes as needed to ensure corporate strategies are achieved.

IES is a Microsoft Certified Goal Partner and a three-time recipient of the prestigious Microsoft President’s Club award. We’ve earned the Microsoft Manager’s Excellence Award and have been named twice as “Fast Growth 100 Companies” by CRN Magazine. We have more than 14 years of experience in integrating a variety of third-party and proprietary applications with Microsoft products.

Talk with IES today about how our Microsoft Azure Managed Services team can help you actively manage the costs associated with your cloud infrastructures.

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