Dynamics 365 for Human Resources

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Dynamics 365 for Human Resources

Human resources play a central role in personnel management, even in today's online environment. For that reason, your HR department must have the tools necessary for the efficient management of the workforce. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Human Resources helps with the coverage of critical functions like payroll processing and administering health benefits.

In addition, Microsoft Dynamics HR Management helps companies develop strategies for improving how employees perceive the organization. The platform integrates the entire people process, including handling staff turnover and finding suitable candidates for open positions.

Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics NAV Human Resources Management

By investing in Dynamic 365 HR, companies can build a technology infrastructure capable of helping HR professionals deal with all components of the employee experience, including:

  • Benefits
  • Attendance monitoring
  • Training and Certification
  • PTO
  • Compliance
  • Performance Feedback
  • Employee Self-Service

Improve the Employee Experience

Microsoft Dynamics Human Resources lets organizations provide workers with more self-service options. That way, they can manage issues like profile updates, online training, certificate downloads, and attendance tracking. Managers and HR receive real-time data and metrics, helping them optimize the feedback processes. In addition, managers can intervene and offer guidance if they see indicators of possible performance issues.

Cut Down on Paperwork

HR departments can shift from manual paperwork by creating digital personnel files within Microsoft Dynamics 365. In addition, HR departments can capture information like:

  • Working hours
  • Project hours
  • Customer satisfaction ratings
  • Sales commissions

The platform allows HR, company departments, and employees to work within the same space. Microsoft Dynamics HR provides for creating structured documents using Office 365 integrations. Users can perform other functions like:

  • Requesting and submitting digital signatures
  • Working together on a single document
  • Backing up and archiving documents
  • Creating libraries for document templates

HR for Dynamics lets users create ad-hoc reports by dragging and dropping the information from Excel pivot tables. In addition, users can use Excel to share data.

Streamline Recruitment

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources makes it easier for organizations to manage the recruitment process. Use the platform to:

  • Post vacancy notifications
  • Arrange talent interviews
  • Perform talent assessments
  • Complete the hiring process
  • Perform onboarding of new employees

Dynamics HR enables collaboration between HR staff and managers to ensure that no steps get missed in the recruitment and hiring process. That way, organizations accomplish their goals of bringing the best people into the company.


There are currently two different licenses available for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources. Organizations can purchase the complete solution at $120 per user per month. Each person gets full access to the platform’s capabilities.

Smaller companies may prefer the Self-Service option, which costs $4 per month per user. It’s designed to allow employees to enter information about their attendance, absences, and travel expenses without going through HR. There’s also a version available for managers to help them complete management tasks.

Getting Started with Microsoft Dynamics HR Management

Organizations can configure company-specific HR parameters through the Human resource parameters page found within the following sections:

  • Workers
  • Offboarding
  • Mass hire
  • Transitions
  • Line items
  • Setup

Admins can configure the settings with information that applies to a single company.


General Settings

The General tab in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources contains settings for defining absences, injury or illness, and new hires. Admins can also apply default styling for the appearance of the page along with:

  • Setting up integrations between training courses and absence registration
  • Setting a default identification number that appears when hiring a new worker
  • Specifying dates to use when calculating years of service
  • Indicating how long the system should keep up with injury and illness cases

Recruitment Settings

The Recruitment tab lets admins define document types for correspondence the system automatically sends to applicants. In addition, you can set up a recruitment project for dealing with applications sent in without prompting.

In addition, admins can define the period for a within Recruitment project the Aging projects tile under Recruitment Management. That indicates how much time applicants have for submitting to a recruitment project before the deadline displayed on the Application deadline approaching tile found in the Recruitment space.

Compensation Settings

The Compensation tab lets admins define how users save information about their compensation plan. In addition, you can restrict access to compensation plans and set a default currency.

Dynamics 365 Recruitment Management

Number Sequence Settings

Use the Number Sequences tab in Microsoft Dynamics HR Management to set the sequences for automatically assigning IDs to items within Dynamics 365 Human Resources like:

  • Courses
  • Compensation process results
  • Absence registrations
  • Applications

Navigate to Organization administration -> Number sequences -> Number sequences to maintain references and codes.

FMLA Settings

Use the FMLA tab to set your company’s FMLA eligibility requirements and entitlement hours.

Employee Self-Service Settings

Admins can adjust the view employees have of the Employee self-service portal. You can perform tasks like providing a unique name for the self-service portal, adding helpful employee links, and restricting an employee’s ability to edit business contact details.

Manager Self-Service Settings

The Manager self-service tab functions similarly to the Employee self-service tab. Here, any changes you make apply to managers. From here, admins can set up information like:

  • Information displayed to managers in expiring records
  • The time range for expiring records
  • Existing worker views for managers
  • Links beneficial to managers
Dynamics 365 For Human Resources

Benefits Management

The Benefits management tab lets admins set up information around:

  • Benefits plans with benefit rate tables and nested tiers
  • Auto-enrollment rules
  • Flex credit programs you can prorate for retirement and additional life events
  • Benefit eligibility rules
  • Online benefits enrollment
  • Qualified life events

Compensation Management Settings

Your organization’s compensation and benefits managers can use the Compensations tab to control how the company delivers base pay and awards. In this section, you can also outline payment methods supported by your business.

Boost Your HR Capabilities with Dynamics 365 Human Resources

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Dynamics 365 Benefits management

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