An Out of The Box
B2B Ecommerce Manager For Dynamics GP


The Microsoft Dynamics GP eCommerce Manager by IES provides an out-of-the-box, business to business (B2B)  storefront and CRM that seamlessly integrates with existing Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains) software.

Direct Orders from Your Business

Your established customers and salespeople will appreciate the ability to order from you online, saving them time and increasing the accuracy of their orders.

Dynamics Great Plains eCommerce Manager is Easy to Implement

Internet orders pass directly into your order entry system, so product and pricing information is always accurate with eCommerce CRM.


Compatible with Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 and Higher

IES' Dynamics 365 eCommerce manager utilizes the latest in Microsoft technology and is always up-to-date. 

Increase Your Revenue

Generate more sales by making it easier for your customers to order the products they need, when they need them—24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Start Selling Right Away

Quickly deploy your own online store with a few adjustments to the built-in IES Web Order Manager storefront and you are ready to start taking orders.

Reduce Operational Costs

Minimize the time your employees spend on the phone with customers, taking orders, and filling out paperwork by providing online sales information and processes that reduce overhead costs.

Improve Customer Experience

Save customers’ time and headaches with a store that's always open and an online system that provides easy-to-use, accurate product information and current order status.

Integrate Automatically

Streamline your sales order process with seamless integration of your IES Web Order Manager storefront with Microsoft Business Solutions–Microsoft Dynamics GP so that online orders are automatically updated as they are received.


Online Order Entry: Provide anytime, anywhere access to your online storefront and order system so customers and sales people alike can use the internet to purchase items when it's convenient for them.

Online Order Status: Enable customers to view order status online, eliminating the need for them to call customer service representatives.

Customer-level Pricing: Create preferred pricing levels for your best customers, giving them a consistent shopping experience time and time again.

Supports multi-currency and extended pricing: Each customer creates orders in his/her default currency and website display standard pricing or extended pricing based on Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains) Company and website setup.

Easy Inventory Maintenance: Add new items to your storefront with simple item entry and automatically generated active server pages for each product.

Out-of-the-Box Integration: Seamless single-database integration of your IES Dynamics 365 eCommerce Manager online store with Microsoft Dynamics GP Inventory and Sales Order Processing applications means that online orders pass directly into your order entry systems, and all product and pricing information is accurate.

Easy to implement, easy to maintain: No need to create an eCommerce storefront. In addition, there's no need to develop an internet catalog from scratch. IES Microsoft Dynamics 365 eCommerce Manager lets you decide which items in your inventory you wish to offer to your customers, and takes care of the rest of the details for you. Trained employees can simply add a new item to Inventory Management, choose to have it displayed in the IES Microsoft Dynamics eCommerce Manager storefront, and auto-generate a web page on your storefront for that item.

Easy to learn, easy to use: Customers and salespeople will have no difficulty filling out their own orders with this simple to use product.

Generate more revenue: IES Microsoft Dynamics eCommerce Manager is a nearly effortless way to increase your sales by making it easier for your customers to find and order the products they need.

Improve your sales efficiency: IES Microsoft Dynamics GP eCommerce Manager allows you to automate and simplify many of your sales processes.orders are entered directly into your sales order processing system, saving your order entry staff time and eliminating the errors that can result from re-entering orders.

Increase customer retention: By delivering a more transparent and seamless buying expereince, you'll increase customer satisfaction and give them one more reason to do business with you, instead of the competition.

Eliminate costly order entry errors: With our Dynamics 365 eCommerce CRM, you can eliminate cumbersome and error-prone fax, telephone and mail orders, speeding your response time, delivering accurate orders out to your customers faster, all while avoiding data re-entry errors.

Eliminate "just checking" calls: IES Microsoft Dynamics eCommerce Manager enables customers to review their order status at any time. This means they can find out instantly whether their order has been processed and fulfilled.

Empower your sales force: By enabling employees to place orders online, sales executives across the country and around the world can enter and review their orders at any time and without making you duplicate order entry and review efforts.



The IES eCommerce application offers an optimized experience for both the desktop and the tablet. The following mobile devices are natively supported so that customers can view your product catalog or complete an online purchase. You'll bring the functional dynamic force of the IES Dynamics GP eCommerce Manager while including full integration with your store's catalog, checkout, inventory, reporting, and much more!

  • iPhone
  • Android Phone
  • Windows Phone 7
  • iPad
  • HP Slate
  • All Windows 7 Tablets


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