Microsoft Dynamics GP Partners & Consultants

If you need a Microsoft Dynamics GP partners & consultants, come to IES.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Partners & Consultants

As your company grows, you’re going to need accounting and business software capable of scaling up to meet daily business demands. The flexibility and robustness of Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains (GP) makes it a popular choice of ERP system among small and mid-sized companies. However, it takes more than software to ensure success for an organization. By making Internet eBusiness Solutions your Dynamics GP partner, you can make your instance work at maximum efficiency and effectiveness for your organization.

How Can IES Make a Difference as Dynamics GP Consultants?

During a typical installation project, the technicians focus on getting your product up and running and checking the boxes on installing each component. They can enable an organization to get all business processes in place by the go-live date. There’s often some training provided on the core features.

However, time constraints may get pushed back as you work to meet a target implementation date. Other issues can arise if you don’t have access to Great Plains tech support for your organization.

Lower IT Costs

Instead of having your employees bounce from one tool to another, IES consultants can show you how to integrate different business areas into the Dynamics GP platform. We help you implement the software into your IT network and make it accessible to every part of the organization. By bringing IES on as your Microsoft GP partner, you end up not having to waste a lot of money later trying to fix implementation mistakes.

Improve Efficiency

Every company wants to make the best use of its assets. As your Dynamics GP consultants, IES can use our in-depth knowledge about the product to help you take full advantage of the software. That way, you’re not wasting its potential because of a lack of understanding.
Our team can determine how different business areas could benefit from using Dynamics GP. In addition, IES can develop more streamlined workflows to help employees handle their workload and provide better reporting around various business initiatives.

Locate Opportunities for Growth

Another benefit of having IES as your Dynamics GP partner is that we can help you turn around underperforming areas of your company. We can show your company how to leverage Dynamics GP to find opportunities for growth by using the data and reporting capabilities of the software. By doing that, you can generate more revenue for your company, watch your business flourish, and have data you can rely on to make more informed business decisions.


Internet eBusiness Solutions functions as a one-stop-shop for all your Dynamics GP needs. We take pride in the depth of knowledge each of our consultants brings to the table. Because we understand the product so well, IES understands how to get companies across different industries where they want to be, business-wise, by helping them make smart decisions around implementing Dynamics Great Plains.


While Dynamics GP does come with some out-of-the-box reporting capabilities, they may not quite fit your organization's needs. As your Dynamics GP technical consultant, we can build customized reports that conform to your specific business needs.

Custom Coding

We also help by figuring out which Dynamics GP modules would provide the most value to your company. IES guides you through licensing made available with the product. Or, if necessary, our technology specialists can code custom modules to help your employees complete vital business functions faster and more effectively.  


System Integration

IES can extend the functionality of MS Dynamics GP by helping you integrate with other systems. That way, you can leverage your current CRM to work directly with your Dynamics GP as your ERP. For example, suppose you’re looking to integrate with Salesforce. In that case, IES can guide you through figuring out what data you wish to transfer between the two solutions, whether the data should flow one way or be bi-directional, and the time and costs involved in such an undertaking.

Employee Training

As your Dynamics GP partner, our company provides on-site and online training for your employees. That way, they learn to understand best practices for using Dynamics GP correctly. Providing workers with in-depth education on how the platform works can cut back on issues like employees developing workarounds to complete tasks outside of Dynamics GP. That can lead to problems tracking the scope of different initiatives and muddle your efforts to provide accurate reporting.


How Can IES Help My Company Thrive as a Dynamics GP Consultants?

Internet eBusiness Solutions provides fast, complete, exceptional support as Microsoft Dynamics GP Gold Partners. You can reach our team over the phone, online, or have us come out to the worksite. Our goal is to ensure that all our partners receive support for their business needs from both a technological and financial standpoint.

We Put in the Work

We always start by making sure we understand the full scope of your business and technology problems. Then, once we’ve completed our evaluation, IES makes solution recommendations we feel are the best fit for your company culture. It’s our goal to make sure that you get the most out of your Dynamics GP instance.

We Know Microsoft GP

Our Gold team members come from backgrounds that encompass various aspects of technology. That advantage helps us quickly understand what your company can accomplish with your Microsoft Dynamics GP solution.

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We Figure Out Viable Solutions

We’re better able than any other Great Plains partner to work with you to identify your organization’s core needs. From there, we work together with you to craft solutions that help you achieve your business goals.  

Make IES Your Dynamics GP Partner

Your decision to invest in Microsoft Dynamics GP was made with the idea of having a tool in your organization that could help you grow. IES works hard as your Dynamics GP consultant to help you maximize your ROI for the product. Learn more about how IES can help your company thrive by scheduling a consultation with us today.


Start designing your Dynamics solution right away with our Solution Designer. Choose from our selection of features and modules to create a solution perfect for your business. Not sure what the right solution is? One of our technical advisors can assist you with a free consultation.

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