Dynamics 365 for Ecommerce

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Dynamics 365 for ECOMMERCE

Stay ahead of changes within ecommerce with Microsoft Dynamics 365. With tech-savvy customers looking for better experiences from businesses, companies can take charge by leveraging the solution’s powerful automation and intelligence capabilities.

Create an Omnichannel Ecommerce Platform with Dynamics 365 for Commerce

Stay connected to current and emerging channels for improved customer interactions. A customer can shift from browsing your storefront on their laptop to adding items to the shopping cart on their tablet, then completing the purchase from their mobile phone. In addition, business owners can accept various modern payment methods using different currencies.
Dynamics 365 for Commerce makes it easy to update your online product catalog and related pricing. The platform lets you make changes from a centralized location to reflect on all product pages. In addition, you can set up additional upselling opportunities when visitors navigate to different online store areas.

Build a Customized Web Storefront

Increase sales for your business by making your online storefront available 24/7. That way, customers can make purchases at any time. In addition, Internet eBusiness Solutions (IES) can provide you with access to its Dynamics 365 ecommerce Manager to handle your storefront construction. That way, you can get your ecommerce site up in no time so that you can bring in more revenue.

  • Autogenerate web storefront
  • Decide what inventory to offer to customers
  • Pass online orders directly into your order entry system
  • Ensure product and pricing accuracy

IES’s Microsoft Dynamics 365 ecommerce connection manager takes care of the details of setting up your storefront. Once it’s done, employees can add new items as needed using a simple data entry process. In addition, you can automatically generate a new server page for every product.
Once you get going, IES’s Dynamics 365 ecommerce Manager can provide online sales information and run processes to help reduce overhead costs. That means your employees don’t have to spend as much time on the phone and dealing with paperwork, saving store owners using Dynamics 365 retail ecommerce money on operational costs.

Available ecommerce features

  • Customer view of online order status
  • Ability to set preferred pricing levels for your most loyal customers
  • Support for multiple currency types and extended pricing

Connect Apps for Better Insights

Dynamics 365 lets you connect Power Apps and Dynamics 365 Customer Insights to help you unify your view into data from business-to-consumer (B2C) online interactions. From there, you can create individual customer views to help predict their needs. That way, you can steer them toward products they might be interested in purchasing from your ecommerce store.

You can also gain insight into customer behavior by analyzing how customers interact with your company across different channels. Understanding their behavior helps you optimize your end-to-end customer journey. In addition, all the information you collect becomes available in real-time, giving you a complete picture of your customers.

Scale for Business Growth

Dynamics 365 lets you successfully scale your website store to accommodate traffic from around the world at any time of the day. The system supporting products like Dynamics 365 Retail ecommerce can grow with your business.

  • Supported by cloud-based architecture built to scale
  • No need to constantly upgrade and manually expand your backend
  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software available from any browser
  • Automatically handles data increases
Thanks to the flexibility of Dynamics 365 ecommerce, you don’t ever have to worry about not having the power needed to accommodate your company’s success.
Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

Provide Better Customer Experiences

Track your staff's interactions with online customers across different channels with Dynamics 365 Commerce. The platform logs all support requests in a centralized location. That way, your reps have access to the entire support history, improving customer service. In addition, making things easy and convenient for customers increases the chances that they return to make purchases from your ecommerce store in the future.

  • Provide transparent buying experience
  • Ensure accurate ordering
  • Enable quick refund processing
  • Show customers when orders get fulfilled
  • Let customers build customized wish lists of products from your store
  • Apply promotional pricing to the same product across different channels
Dynamics 365 For Ecommerce

Gain Better Security

Dynamics 365 deploys web storefronts using cloud technology. All customers receive automatic updates with the latest security features. That way, ecommerce business owners can feel secure knowing that customer data is well-protected. In addition, users can monitor company mobile devices using the same cloud technology and access data securely from anywhere in the country.

Work With Easy Integrations

Integrate your Dynamics 365 storefront with other solutions like Dynamics 365 Business Central ecommerce, Office 365, and Power BI. You can also interact directly with a content management system. Because Dynamics 365 seamlessly integrates with other Microsoft products, developers don’t have to spend much time getting everything to work correctly.

  • Upload Excel spreadsheets with inventory forecasting
  • Add Power BI dashboards to your Dynamics 365 instance
  • Use Microsoft Word to create and add document templates
Dynamics 365 For Ecommerce

Add a Loyalty Program

Reward your most loyal online customers by setting up a loyalty program. That way, they can earn points whenever they make a purchase from your ecommerce store. Then, once they hit a certain level, provide a way to redeem those points for various rewards. If you also own a brick-and-mortar store, it’s possible to set up separate programs for online vs. in-store customers.

Create a Seamless Ecommerce Platform

The Dynamics 365 ecosystem offers a variety of modules capable of enhancing the ecommerce experience for your customers. If you’re having trouble deciding which platforms you need for your company, IES can assist you in setting up a customized ecommerce solution.
Our trusted Microsoft specialists can help you provide customers and employees with a user-friendly interface to support your business needs. Find out more about how we can help you optimize your ecommerce set-up with Dynamics 365 by contacting one of our representatives.

Dynamics 365 For Ecommerce

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