Microsoft Great Plains Customer Tech Support

If you need a Microsoft GP customer support, come to IES.

Microsoft Great Plains Customer Tech Support

One of the best things you can do to support your Microsoft Dynamics GP installation is to ensure you have the support you need for your employees. For that reason, it’s a good idea to bring on experts like Internet eBusiness Solutions (IES) to not only guide your organization in installing the product but provide Great Plains tech support for your instance.

Get the Dynamics GP Answers You Need

During a typical installation project, the technicians focus on getting your product up and running and checking the boxes on installing each component. They can enable an organization to get all business processes in place by the go-live date. There’s often some training provided on the core features.
However, time constraints may get pushed back as you work to meet a target implementation date. Other issues can arise if you don’t have access to Great Plains tech support for your organization.


Process complications

The training during this period may end up restricted to specific business processes. While that’s often helpful in getting companies through a successful Dynamics GP installation, that can leave some knowledge gaps that can lead to more issues down the line.

Lost knowledge

Without continued access to support, the education provided during the implementation project fades, especially as employees come and go. If you don’t make an effort to retrain new and current users, they become less efficient at using Dynamics GP and may start depending on workarounds to get around features in the system they don’t understand. That means they’re not guided by the controls put in place. That can lead to:

  • Users maintaining schedules and reports outside of Dynamics GP — That can lead to extra work if users must rekey information housed in Excel spreadsheets or find ways to combine information held in Dynamics GP with other data sources.
  • Users relying on workflows involving a lot of paper documents can lead to issues figuring out the status of documents in a specific process, which hurts an organization’s efforts to achieve efficiency.
  • Users forget what they learned during implementation — When that happens, workers may start using the system incorrectly or complain about how it doesn’t function properly. Both employees and their managers may struggle with resolving the underlying problems in their work process and resort to blaming the Dynamics GP solution.
Microsoft Great Plains Customer Tech Support

Leverage the Full Benefits of Your Product with Dynamics GP Customer Support

By bringing on a business like IES to provide Great Plains customer support, you can mitigate a lot of your post-implementation issues. For example, if users have trouble understanding how to use the report and scheduling features of Dynamics GP, they can contact an IES representative for help. That way, we can guide them through the proper way of using the product, cutting down on users relying on external tools and software to keep up with their daily work.
If issues arise within your Dynamics GP solution, our technical support team can quickly step in and help address those issues. In addition, our company offers personalized support services tailored to the needs of different enterprises. That way, we can keep your system working, and your staff focused on their tasks.
IES logs all calls to track and monitor problems that occur among your users. In addition, we put escalation procedures in place to ensure that urgent matters get handled at the appropriate level. By keeping track of the number of calls received and the nature of any calls dealt with, our Dynamics GP tech support team can uncover insights to improve training efforts for IES clients.
Microsoft Great Plains Customer Tech Support

What Does an IES Dynamics GP Support Contract Involve?

IES provides comprehensive Microsoft Dynamics GP support to your organization’s software users. Our support contract covers regular business operating hours. Therefore, you can expect full helpdesk facilities during that period that provide 1-hour responses Monday through Friday, excluding U.S. holidays.

Get regular software updates

IES ensures that Dynamics GP support customers receive all upcoming software upgrades for both licenses and media. That way, we keep your Great Plains instance functioning at full speed. Our updates include providing users with details about new Dynamics Great Plains versions and demonstrations of new capabilities.

Attend in-person events

Another great benefit of IES’s Dynamics Great Plains tech support is that your organization receives invitations to IES and Microsoft events. As a result, interested users can talk to product experts and meet with the IES staff supporting their company.  

Take advantage of training opportunities

You can help users understand Dynamics GP better by having them participate in IES’s free training and educational webinars. That way, they can figure out how to resolve issues they might be having with the software. In addition, gaining more insight into the product can minimize the tendency of users to try and find a way around the system instead of learning to work with it effectively.

Microsoft Great Plains Customer Tech Support

What Are Some Additional Benefits of Dynamics GP Support?

By taking advantage of IES’s Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains support, you can mitigate any issues that come up during the workday. Without oversight, your company might miss out on downloading new updates for the product.

If you skip a full version, you may end up having to pay for more expensive upgrades down the line that impact your budget. Additionally, if you’re running an instance that relies on the internet, the Dynamics GP software could end up vulnerable if it doesn’t receive critical security updates.

Other benefits of maintaining regular Microsoft Great Plains support with IES include:

  • Experiencing less downtime
  • Getting faster help overcoming software issues
  • Ensuring your users always have the latest version of Dynamics GP available
  • Experiencing fewer disruptions during upgrades
  • Providing users with a more stable Dynamics GP installation
  • Leveraging the system to its full advantage for your company

Find out more about how your organization could benefit from IES Microsoft GP support by setting up a consultation with one of our experts.

Microsoft Great Plains Customer Tech Support

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