Microsoft Azure And Dynamics 365

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Microsoft Azure And Dynamics 365

Azure and Dynamics 365 allow organizations to build flexible, agile business solutions in the cloud or on-premises. Dynamics provides companies with CRM and ERP solutions to help with business functions like sales, customer service, and finance.

Create a Robust and Scalable Cloud Platform with Azure and Dynamics 365

Azure offers companies a stable cloud environment to store data and host business applications. Combining Dynamics 365 and Azure gives small and mid-sized companies (SMBs) everything they need to compete with larger industry competitors.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is built on top of Azure, making integrations between the two solutions a seamless process. Every Microsoft Dynamics 365 purchase comes with a free Active Directory (Azure AD) subscription to manage user identities and control access to Dynamics 365 applications.

With Azure AD Dynamics 365, you can provide specific access to data for individual apps like mail, contacts, calendars, and folders. You can also set up connections to Power Apps from mobile devices.

Access Top Azure Security Features in Dynamics 365

Protect data passing through your Dynamics 365 solutions like Business Central to protect data and ensure you adhere to your organization’s regulatory framework. Information stored in Azure gets stored in multiple copies across various geographical zones. That redundancy keeps your storage account available in case of a natural disaster or other failures.

Azure also enhances Dynamic 365 ability to enforce a company’s personal data requirements along with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Organizations can also use Azure AD reports to track suspicious activity using any Dynamics 365 solutions.

Make Smarter and Faster Decisions Using Azure and Dynamics 365

Integrating Azure and Dynamics 365 with your business intelligence (BI) solutions let you pass information throughout the organization. Users gain access to data when needed, transforming how they leverage data. Having trustworthy information at your fingertips in real-time empowers your workforce to make more informed business decisions.

Your ability to set up a consistent, user-friendly ERP with Dynamics 365 and Azure helps you accelerate the speed of business. Employees gain the ability to work together on projects to accomplish the goals set out by the organization.


Because Azure and Dynamics 365 are subscription-based, you can decide which apps you purchase or scale up your Azure storage limits. That flexibility is key to enabling your organization to scale as you acquire new business or introduce new projects.

Improve Business Performance

The combination of Dynamics 365 business applications and the support of Azure helps companies plan out their future business needs. Use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Azure dashboards to get a holistic view of everything happening within your organization. Your IT department can expand as they need to handle the growing demands of a company.

Azure Webhooks in Dynamics 365

An Azure webhook is an HTTP pattern used to connect with Web APIs and other services. You can set up a Dynamics 365 Webhook Azure function to secure third-party API endpoints with authentication headers or parameter keys within query strings.

Improve Business Performance

Azure Functions in Dynamics 365

Azure functions are serverless solutions that let developers use code they’re comfortable with versus having to learn an entirely new language to build Dynamics 365 apps. The ability to refactor code means companies don’t have to hire new developers or other consultants if their business needs change. You can deploy Dynamics 365 Azure Webhook functions through existing deployment models in your Visual Studio instance.

Developers wishing to preserve legacy code can lift it into an Azure function to use without having to redefine existing business requirements. Azure functions also let you turn legacy integrations into an API with event-driven RESTful endpoints. You can scale your Azure functions based on business needs or improve the performance of your Dynamics 365 applications.

Future-facing organizations can leverage Azure Functions to set up microservices with Dynamics 365. For example, you can set up individual functions to handle qualified leads and disqualified leads for your sales contacts.

Azure Functions in Dynamics 365

Unified Dynamics 365 Azure DevOps

Integrating your Dynamics 365 CRM or ERP with Azure DevOps helps your support teams deal with escalated cases and resolve work items faster. Azure DevOps’ continuous delivery and continuous integration (CI/CD) pipelines make it easier for development teams to handle new feature requests and bug fixes to your Dynamics 365 production environment.
You can build, test, deploy, and manage your Dynamics 365 applications using Microsoft Azure DevOps. Use Azure boards for Kanban or scrum to discuss, track, and plan various projects through every stage of the development lifecycle. Teams can also keep up with backlogs and use analytics to maintain oversight of the status of a project.

Additional Azure DevOps Capabilities

  • Create an end-to-end story of your code and how you will get it to production
  • Use integrated features to test out your application on mobile, desktops, and the web
  • Build applications using languages like Ruby, PHP, and C++
  • Create android and iOS applications
  • Create and share packages using technology like NuGet, Python, and npm
  • Set up source control over your Dynamics 365 code using Azure Repos
Unified Dynamics 365 Azure DevOps

Build a Customized Dynamics 365 Azure Platform

Creating an ideal platform combining the strengths of Dynamics 365 and Azure starts with meticulous planning. If you’re moving from an on-premises instance of Dynamics, you’ll need expert help to ensure a smooth transition. You’ll also need support services to handle any issues that arise within your Dynamics 365 Azure cloud instances.

Internet eBusiness Solutions provides the expertise necessary to optimize your Azure Dynamics 365 platform. We help you decide which applications provide the most benefits to your business and help you configure Azure to support your growing business needs. Reach out to IES today if you’re ready to position your company as a top player in your industry.

Build a Customized Dynamics 365 Azure Platform

Start designing your Dynamics solution right away with our Solution Designer. Choose from our selection of features and modules to create a solution perfect for your business. Not sure what the right solution is? One of our technical advisors can assist you with a free consultation.

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