Food & Beverage Distribution

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Dynamics 365 Business Central and GP for Distribution Management

The Food and Beverage Distribution industry is a highly competitive market defined by constant change, strict compliance, low profit margins, and high customer service expectations. Surviving in today's economy means that you have to meet these challenges head-on, leveraging, monitoring and improving the technology you use to run your business.

With IES support, we can turn your business into an efficient and reliable supplier—speeding products from your business to store shelves, removing wastes from project operations, and meeting the demands of your retail customers and consumers.

By planning, implementing and supporting Microsoft Dynamics GP goals and delivering the technologies that organizations need in the food and beverage distribution industry, IES helps your business to improve supply chain processes, manage inventory, make effective business plans, and coordinate your day-to-day decisions.

From real-time data collection to real-time reporting, we help you become more efficient and productive, ultimately freeing up more working capital. Integration, collaboration, and access to timely, accurate information are just a few of the services provided by a Microsoft Dynamics solution.

Microsoft Software For Distribution Management

Dynamics 365 Business Central and GP for The Food and Beverage Industry

Microsoft Dynamics Highlights

  • Automated product tracking and tracing from the supplier to the retailer
  • Delivery logistics – pick, pack, ship to transport management
  • Flexible marketing promotion models to manage client-specific demands
  • Integrated automated data collection (ADC) solutions and catch-weight capabilities
  • Real-time communication via user and role-based customizable reports and alerts
  • Planning models to help better utilize materials, personnel, systems and other resources
  • Reduction in paper process and repetitive data entry requirements
  • Accurate demand-forecasting
  • Low-cost, web-based customer support systems

Easy-to-understand, easy-to-implement, and gives you the flexibility you need to meet your day-to-day demands and long-term growth strategy. Plus, the Microsoft solution allows you to tightly integrate your business systems across your organization.

Enhance sales-ordering and maximize profitability. Support for ADC ensures that distribution systems are seamlessly integrated with financial and reporting applications. Accurate data flows throughout your organization, helping to streamline inventory and shipments and boost your forecasting capabilities. Additionally, access to real-time customer information can lead to better customer service—the kinds of service that helps keep the orders rolling in.

Increase responsiveness through communication. Whether you integrate CRM and accounting systems to support customers or implement a flexible pricing strategy that uses unlimited price lists, price-banding, cost uplift pricing, or quantity break pricing, these agile solutions give you the flexibility to do it all over a secure Internet connection.

Improve delivery efficiencies. By using applications that integrate with bar code technologies and radio frequency identification (RFID), you can plan and automate delivery schedules and gain greater insight into the supply chain. Support for ADC sales systems can help you nearly eliminate comprehensive inventory counts, lower the inventory required to service customers, pull customer orders in a fraction of the time typically required and comply with changing customer demand.

Monitor food safety. Keep your food supply safer by coordinating product-tracking from suppliers and facilitating traceability from supplier to customer in markets that require it. Improve compliance and accountability by implementing metric settings and tracking for individual warehouses, departments, and processes.


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