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A look into the world of Microsoft Dynamics.


Posted by IES on Nov 17, 2015 3:47:46 PM

Microsoft DynamicsWhen you decide to implement new software for your company, it is natural that you want to make sure you go with the option that has all the necessary bells and whistles to increase efficiency for your business. Microsoft ERP software, Microsoft CRM software, and Microsoft Great Plains accounting software are all highly sophisticated but easy-to-use solutions that will help your business run smoothly.


Microsoft Dynamics is filled with functionality, some of which you may not even realize exists. Here is a quick guide to help you learn a little more about five things you can do with Microsoft Dynamics:

1. Human Resources Management

Microsoft Dynamics has modules created specifically for HR professionals, which allow them to attract and retain top talent while monitoring and measuring key metrics pertinent to current employees' performance. Users can:

  • Post job openings
  • Use mapping features to identify the best candidates
  • Create and monitor compensation plans
  • Identify and measure goals
  • Complete a variety of other HR functions

2. Sales

Microsoft CRM software can enhance sales productivity many times over if it is implemented and used correctly. With CRM Microsoft Dynamics software, you will  provide your sales team with the ability to:

  • Gain greater insight into customers by analyzing past and current interactions
  • Deepen relationships with up-to-date contact data, client-specific needs, and real-time company news and updates
  • Drive sales with interactive sales reports and competitive intelligence that aligns with sales behavior and best practices

3. Financial Management

Keeping control of your finances, whether you're implementing a new project or just managing day-to-day business, is an essential piece of the business puzzle. Microsoft  ERP software  can help you:

  • Regulate and maintain compliance as market conditions and regulatory requirements change
  • Identify and reduce inefficiencies
  • Manage daily tasks with modules built for every level of your business

4. Project Management

Projects, no matter how large or small, are usually a huge undertaking. Keeping track of where everybody is, how their tasks are progressing, and what needs to happen next can be nearly impossible without the right tools.

  • Manage billable hours in comparison to labor and materials costs
  • Identify and reduce bottlenecks
  • Increase communication across various departments and team members

5. Supply Chain Management

Tracking and distributing your materials will keep your company, customers, and vendors happy, but it can be a huge undertaking. Microsoft Dynamics can help you meet your supply chain management needs by:

  • Tracking inventory, shipment schedules, and sales data
  • Automating manual processes
  • Increasing cross-departmental communications

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