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What Are the Benefits of Having a Microsoft Dynamics Partner?

Posted by Alanna Friedberg on Feb 7, 2023 10:00:00 AM


To call the Microsoft Dynamics ecosystem vast is an understatement. The good thing is that something there can benefit every organization, from small start-ups to large enterprises. Trying to navigate the legacy and new features of Microsoft Dynamics can quickly become overwhelming. That’s where it helps to have a Microsoft Dynamics partner by your side, helping you navigate what’s available so that you can make the right choices for your business. 

What is a Microsoft Dynamics Partner?

A Microsoft Certified Partner, including those who carry the label of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Gold partner, is a company that collaborates with Microsoft and agrees to abide by their very high quality standards. To earn the title of Microsoft Certified partner, a business must prove that they have the expertise and skill to guide customers on implementing and using Microsoft tools.

For example, a Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner must show that they know how to work with the different modules. That leads to another critical aspect of being a Microsoft partner, the level of customer service. Companies certified as Microsoft partners must deliver the highest quality so customers remain confident about using any portion of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform.

Even a company as large as Microsoft needs help setting up customized solutions and services for every customer. That’s why they created the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN). Members receive expert training and get tested to ensure they’ve absorbed the knowledge provided. These licensed experts can then help organizations find Microsoft products and services that suit their business environment.

How Do Businesses Become a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner?

Companies interested in joining the MPN can start by visiting the Microsoft Partner Network site. They can sign up and receive an MPN ID that provides access to all Microsoft Partnership resources and benefits. It doesn’t cost businesses anything to sign up, though there are paid options available that unlock additional benefits, like upgrading to an Action Pack subscription or earning competencies.

Once they signed up to become part of the MPN, companies can expand their offerings by:

  • Setting up a centralized platform of tools and resources
  • Joining the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program
  • Signing up for Smart Partner Marketing to expose themselves to new customers
  • Publishing custom solutions in the Microsoft commercial marketplace

MPN members differentiate their companies and showcase their expertise by completing various competencies, including the following

  • Applications and Infrastructure
  • Business Applications
  • Data and Artificial Intelligence
  • Modern Workplace and Security

What Can You Gain from Bringing on a Microsoft Dynamics Partner?

Collaborating with a Microsoft Dynamics Partner gives your company access to the expertise they bring. The certification shows Microsoft trusts them. An MCP’s connection to Microsoft gives them access to advanced Microsoft support for their software and services. That means priority customer care and faster response times.

Another benefit of working with a certified Microsoft Partner is their ability to escalate issues with Microsoft, ensuring you get prompt service. Because they have access to advanced training and learning materials, they can provide you with exclusive access to different tools and licenses. Microsoft-certified partners get to demo new enterprise services for customers before implementation, allowing businesses to see the benefits of the solution before committing additional dollars.

What Should You Look for in a Microsoft Dynamics Partner?

The company you choose as your Microsoft Dynamics partner should have the ability to help your organization navigate different technologies. Companies must stay caught up when it comes to innovation. Your partner should have the ability to leverage their knowledge to help you remain competitive. Below are some key capabilities you should look for when finding a Microsoft Dynamics partner.

1. Understanding of the Cloud

Microsoft decided to go all-in with the cloud with the introduction of Dynamics 365. If you’re still working with on-premises solutions, your partner needs to have experience helping move companies over to cutting-edge cloud platforms. They should understand the modules that comprise Dynamics 365 and help your company establish and execute a migration plan.

If your organization wants to stick with Dynamics GP, your business partner can help you move your solution to the Azure cloud. You save money in the long term by no longer having to support the back-end services and processes required to support an on-premises installation. That’s money you can put toward other essential business needs.

2. Willingness to Engage

Find a Microsoft Dynamics partner willing to get into the nuts and bolts of your company's operations. They should listen to your ideas, know your industry, and take the time to understand your business processes. That helps them develop viable options to help you achieve your organizational goals. Your Microsoft Dynamics partner should always put your needs first versus trying to push the latest and greatest solution on you, even if it doesn’t fit your company.

3. Having the Expertise You Need

With so many Microsoft applications, you want a partner whose expertise matches your business needs. Check for competency certifications on a Microsoft partner’s website to narrow your options. Take the time to ask questions about their skillsets and what other businesses they’ve helped within the same industry. It’s also good to have them demo various Microsoft solutions that might fit your business needs.

4. Offering Ongoing Support

Your Microsoft Dynamics partner should try to maintain a healthy relationship. They should remain engaged after your solution goes live. Look for someone who keeps the lines of communication open after the implementation date. You want a company that’s receptive to feedback and open to working with you in the future as your business expands.

Find the Right Microsoft Dynamics Partner

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