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Why Your Startup Needs a Financial Services CRM Like Microsoft Dynamics GP

Posted by IES on Sep 17, 2015 12:47:05 PM

Microsoft Dynamics GPYour business can run much easier with Microsoft Dynamics, a user-friendly financial services CRM like Microsoft Business Solutions. It is designed to enhance your knowledge of and interaction with customers and B2B partners to improve their satisfaction with your enterprise. Here are some of the reasons Microsoft Dynamics can bring your business more efficiency and productivity.

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Software Integration

The platform can integrate with various other Microsoft business applications, such as Office 365, Outlook, collaboration software SharePoint and cloud-based Azure. Microsoft Dynamics is used for businesses of all sizes with an emphasis on retail, services, manufacturing and the public sector. It's ideal for connecting partners through an online network.

Organization and Finance Functions

Microsoft offers various financial applications based on business size. Dynamics AX is software for global operations and is useful for professional service industries. The GP version is more for small to midsize supply chain companies. The NAV version can also be used by supply chain vendors, but more for companies that deal with multiple languages and international currencies. SL is designed for North American project-oriented businesses. C5 provides ecommerce and analytics and is used by small to medium companies.

Better Customer Service

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is customer relationship management software sold as a separate component. It facilitates sales, marketing and customer service functions. It can either be used on a local server or in the cloud. The software presents a series of graphs on one dashboard so that customer service agents can learn about customers and their issues quickly, which helps accelerate problem-solving. The software lets you prioritize problems based on various factors.

This financial services CRM software integrates with social media, making it useful for answering customer questions in real-time, which can accelerate sales. It also provides analytics on customers, including their geographic locations.

CRM for Marketing and Sales

The CRM software is useful for lead generation and organizing marketing campaigns. Sales managers use it to manage team productivity, as it provides real-time insights on the progress of representatives. It instantly shows which employees are most productive and what stages various deals are in. This tool is excellent for making sales forecasts. For sales agents it helps organize and prioritize leads.

Brand managers use the software to manage budgets, as well as create and analyze marketing campaigns. It allows you to evaluate the evolution and effectiveness of a campaign, as well as determine which marketing channels work the best.

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