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Considering Microsoft Dynamics NAV? Here Are 5 Reasons to Buy

Posted by IES on Mar 17, 2016 8:00:00 AM

EC50CC8658.jpgMicrosoft Dynamics NAV is a highly capable and trusted enterprise resource planning platform, able to streamline and improve upon the operations of organizations of all sizes and industries. Though there are a variety popular ERP solutions available, these are a few things that make the switch to Microsoft Dynamics NAV the preferred choice for many:

1. A Fully Integrated Platform

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is fully integrated into the Microsoft suite, making it easier to collaborate, manage, and share documents and files. As a fully integrated platform, Microsoft Dynamics provides more than just enterprise resource planning solutions; it also operates as a fully featured business application, with analytics and accounting services. While other products may offer third-party solutions, very few of them have as large an inventory of products as Microsoft.

2. Faster Return On Investment

Microsoft's Dynamics solution is designed to look at ways that a business can be immediately improved upon for a faster return on investment. Microsoft has invested a significant amount of time and money into creating analysis and algorithms that can reduce a company's expenses while improving its overall revenue picture. This enables organizations to recover their investment faster and to improve upon their business outcomes.

3. Custom Deployment Models

Microsoft Dynamics NAV can be easily customized for different deployment models, ranging from on-premise solutions to fully cloud-based services. Other ERP solutions can only be used through a single type of platform. There are even hybrid models which include both cloud-based and on-premise services.

4. Ease of Use and Limited Training

Microsoft's products are extremely intuitive for many users. Most of your employees have been working with Microsoft products for years and will need very little training in order to get used to a new suite of products. The advanced integration potential of Microsoft Dynamics NAV makes it easy for new software solutions to be added in with the same ease of use.

5. Scalable and Flexible Solutions

If your business is going to be growing, you need an ERP solution that can grow with you. Microsoft Dynamics NAV is an extremely scalable solution that is suited for small businesses and large enterprises alike. A fully global solution, it can be deployed throughout offices nationally and worldwide.

Through Dynamics NAV project management, organizations can greatly streamline and improve upon their operations. Microsoft Dynamics NAV has some clear benefits compared to other solutions: it's easy to use, well-integrated, and cost-effective.

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