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Five Ways Microsoft CRM Solutions Can Improve Customer Service In Banking

Posted by IES on Sep 8, 2014 5:21:00 PM

customerserviceMicrosoft CRM solutions can augment customer service in the banking industry in five important ways.  

These include providing immediately accessible customer data to employees engaged in customer service, speeding up key banking processes, capitalizing on sales opportunities, identifying at risk customers, and helping to minimize operational costs by reducing the administrative workload.

First, through the use of microsoft crm solutions, important customer data is literally at the fingertips of those employees dealing directly with clients. This not only streamlines the process of accessing important information, but also decreases wait time for customers.

Second, microsoft crm solutions also speeds up the paperwork involved in important banking transactions, such as loan origination and account creation.  Once more, valuable time is saved not only by the business, but by customers who will benefit from less wait time.

Third, with more data and information available on an almost instantaneous basis, more efficacious marking may be engaged in. Customers who are considered to be prime targets for such can be more easily identified and information as to which products may be suitable for them more easily accessed.

Fourth, the use of microsoft crm solutions can be beneficial in identifying more at risk banking customers.  The advantage of this is that the institution can be forewarned of possible difficulties in the future, and avoid targeting such customers with products that may not be suitable for them (or the future profit of the institution) as well as allowing the company to take other steps it may consider to be necessary.

Fifth, the use of microsoft crm solutions can reduce the administrative workload via accessibility and the streamlining of paperwork.  Reducing repetitive tasks and eliminating the need for more complicated information gathering is a bonus not only for the company, but also for the consumers involved in the transactions.

Via the use of microsoft crm solutions, banking institutions can decrease wait time for in-house as well as out of house customers, maximize profitability through the more effective harvesting of sales data, identify possible capital risks and minimize the exposure thereto, and decrease redundant administrative tasks.  It can thereby assure a more satisfied customer as well as a more profitable business.

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