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Great Plains Solutions: Keeping Your System Up To Date

Posted by IES on Dec 16, 2014 6:52:00 PM

great_plains_solutionMany individuals and business are still using outdated versions of Microsoft Windows. While these products were innovative and worked well for many years and may still appear to, there are many advantages to upgrading to the latest format.

Periodic Product Updates

Although Windows XP was a highly renowned operating system in its day, it was released in 2001. Technology has come a long way in the last 13 years. Recently Microsoft stopped providing security updates and patches for its popular Windows XP operating system. This means that your system will become more vulnerable to hackers and all your personal information and records being compromised. Windows 8.1 is the latest version of Microsoft software. The new version offers superior features that will allow modern computer systems to operate with greater performance and efficiency. Files and information will be secure due to timely updates. Updates can automatically be downloaded and installed or you can schedule the time.

Better Multi Tasking Solutions

Lets face it. Multi tasking is often essential to get the tasks done we need to do. With Windows 8.1 you can have 4 applications showing on the same screen. For the researcher, this can help you to see the big picture a lot clearer.

Searches Made Easier

Windows 8.1 has went above and beyond with improved search capabilities. It can combine search results from multiple engines with video and audio apps. This means you get more comprehensive and easy to navigate search. No more going to multiple search engines before finding what you need.

Support for Emerging Technology

3D printers have become more widely available to the average consumer. Windows 8.1 is on top of the game with providing built in support for 3D printers. No more searching and trying to tweak software so that you can use your printer.

Great Plains Solutions offers great prices and service for all your software needs. We can install your operating system for you and have your computer up to date quickly. Contact us to see what we can do for your computer system.


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