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4 Advantages of Hosted Dynamics NAV

Posted by IES on Aug 25, 2016 8:00:00 AM

Hosted Dynamics NAVIntegrating shopping carts and e-commerce platforms directly with MS Dynamics GP can be used to substantially streamline operations. Reducing costs, improving productivity, and consolidating data in a single all-in-one resource can be achieved through the use of MS Hosted Dynamics NAV. By better integrating back end financial information with front end e-commerce portals, companies are able to better serve their customers and reduce administrative costs. Here are some of the critical advantages to integrating through Hosted Dynamics NAV.

1. An Easily Scaled, Agile Environment

MS Hosted Dynamics NAV can be quickly scaled to any business size. Many companies today are held back by their technology. Hesitant to purchase "too much technology" for their needs, they end up boxed into a solution that will not be able to grow with them in the future. MS Dynamics NAV can be deployed and customized for everything from small businesses to larger, multi-national and global enterprises. The NAV ERP is designed to support international business, manage customers on a global level, and even account for mobile workers.

Built on a cloud infrastructure, MS Hosted Dynamics NAV not only supports an organization's needs, but can do so without significantly increasing cost. Rather than having to invest in additional software and licensing packages, organizations can instead add on the additional products they need on a module-by-module basis. And rather than having to invest in equipment, they can simply increase the amount of resources that they use in their cloud services deployment.

More importantly, MS Hosted Dynamics NAV is able to scale in a flexible, agile way. Many business infrastructures will simply crumble when confronted with more traffic than they can handle. They will need to be upgraded before the business can continue their operations unhindered. As a cloud solution, Dynamics NAV is able to deploy additional resources immediately, without the potential for business disruption or other performance issues. This can be incredibly important for businesses that need to expand quickly or that go through intermittent periods of high activity.

2. Better Customer Service and Higher Profit Margins

By creating an all-in-one shopping cart, e-commerce, and financial solution, companies are able to offer better customer service and achieve higher profit margins. Business owners today know that the value of a retained customer is far higher than the value of a new customer. Customer retention is one of the major metrics for success; the cost for customer retention is far lower than the cost of customer acquisition. By creating a single consolidated system, companies are able to provide more accurate and timely inventory tracking, faster order processing, and better customer service overall.

Through the MS Dynamics NAV service order feature, customer requests can be tracked and followed up with to ensure that after-sales issues are never missed. And by integrating the system into an all-in-one platform, companies can ensure that these customer issues are dealt with in a timely fashion and to the customer's satisfaction. Employees are able to put in special orders, create documentation and records, and otherwise ensure that each client is treated with the utmost care and attention.

Integrated shopping cart and e-commerce features through MS Dynamics NAV include the ability to create loyalty programs, offer discounts to certain customers, and create special pricing automatically for different groups. All of this can be used to further increase conversions, achieve higher profit margins, and keep existing customers happy. Lead scoring services and top customer metrics also give businesses all of the information they need to take control over their own cash flow and concentrate on their major profit centers.


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3. Superior Control Over Operations

17184190_s.jpgThrough MS Dynamics NAV, businesses are able to automate many of the processes that could potentially introduce errors and reduce accuracy. Better reporting gives organizations superior control over their operations and their finances, allowing them to improve upon their efficiency and target areas for potential improvement. MS Dynamics NAV offers fully-featured accounting solutions that are targeted to business owners, aiding them in preparing their own financials, improving upon their sales, and otherwise streamlining their administrative overhead.

By reducing the amount of administrative and accounting work necessary for the business, MS Dynamics NAV is able to significantly reduce costs. Businesses are able to scale more effectively and are able to complete business transactions with fewer dependencies. By achieving accurate, timely financial statements, business owners will be able to procure loans, lines of credits, and investors with greater ease. They will also be able to check on their company's current, real-time financial status from anywhere in the world, through the cloud-based platform.

For SMBs, this level of control is critical. MS Dynamics NAV's e-commerce, ERP, and CRM integrated solutions allow for complete control over all aspects of a business from a business owner's home office, client sites, investor meetings, and other offices. Everything is continually reported and updated through MS Dynamics NAV, and all of the financial and accounting information is provided at the business owner's fingertips. This wealth of real-time data additionally makes it easier for a business owner to make decisions on-the-fly and quickly adjust to new information.

For employees, MS Dynamics NAV offers a single collaborative, consolidated platform through which they are able to communicate with their team members, check on the status of their current projects, and take care of their clients. Businesses maintaining an e-commerce shop will be able to control all of the aspects of their supply chain and product management through MS Dynamics NAV, which can greatly reduce confusion and improve upon productivity throughout the sales and distribution chain.

4. Ease of Use and Reduced Administrative Cost

Nearly every office worker is extremely familiar with Microsoft products. With the added ease of use of the cloud, MS Dynamics NAV creates a highly intuitive, simple platform that is deceptively robust. Most employees will be able to begin to use MS Dynamics NAV with limited training, though further training will be necessary to get the most out of the product. Because of the easy-to-use nature of the product, MS Dynamics NAV can ultimately reduce IT and training costs, and ensure the accuracy of its data.

Hosted Dynamics NAV further takes the burden off of internal IT departments, as many of the standard maintenance and monitoring tasks are already managed for them. Not only does this improve upon stability, but it also frees up IT employees to concentrate on business critical matters, rather than routine or repetitive tasks. When issues do arise, a hosted solution can be quickly re-deployed to avoid any significant business disruption, unlike a local solution which may require significant time to restore. Cloud solutions are known to vastly reduce overhead when compared to on-premise services, with minimal initial investment and increased rate of return.

By integrating e-commerce portals and shopping carts directly into Dynamics GP, businesses are able to streamline their operations and remove potential points of failure. The entire system will be kept on an easily scaled, reliable infrastructure, and will be managed primarily through a managed hosting service. Customers will also find the integrated e-commerce solution far easier to use, as they will have their shopping carts directly reflect available quantities and any discounts that they have earned through their loyalty programs.


Hosted Dynamics NAV makes it easy to create an all-in-one, streamlined e-commerce, shopping cart, and accounting system. Both employees and customers will find it easier to connect and collaborate through such a system, which will provide updated inventory lists, discount sheets, and customer relationship management solutions. Through cloud hosting services, MS Dynamics NAV is able to easily scale to any demand, growing with a business without additional expenses. MS Dynamics NAV is a highly customizable and easily integrated system, and will be familiar to virtually any employee.

In addition to being an all-in-one financial suite, MS Dynamics NAV also has the clear advantage of being easily connected to other Microsoft and Microsoft Dynamics products. From Office 365 to MS Dynamics CRM, business owners are able to create a fully-featured system through completely compatible, feature-complete Microsoft products. Not only does this reduce costs and increase support, it also greatly simplifies the process of employee training and troubleshooting.

Integrating a shopping cart into Hosted Dynamics NAV should always be done with a qualified and experienced partner. Expert partners will be able to customize the solution to remove redundancies, increase efficiency, and pare down to the features that are necessary for a specific company and industry. By deploying a custom solution and providing continual support, expert partners create a unique, tailored system that can grow with a business and provide everything that the business needs both now and in the future.

IES offers extensive options for MS Dynamics deployment and hosted services, including the integration of multiple MS Dynamics services and the customization and maintenance of hosted platforms. Through IES, you can begin creating a new accounting and e-commerce infrastructure that will take care of all of your inventory, financial, and customer service needs. Contact IES today for a consultation and download IES' latest eBook to learn more about the capabilities of MS Dynamics NAV.


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