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How Dynamics 365 Can Help Your Sales Team Thrive

Posted by IES on Mar 14, 2017 6:59:13 PM



You might be surprised to realize that sales reps only spend 22% of their time selling. That’s because they rarely leverage marketing in a way that will boost their prospecting efforts.

What if you could find one tool that could help your sales and marketing teams:

  •  Improve cold calling by targeting prospects with long-term informational marketing drip campaigns.
  • Identify the right targets with a personalized message that improves client engagement and informs the buying process.
  • Allow sales to collaborate in cross-functional teams to create contracts that will speed up your closing process.
  • Measure historical sales trends to predict future sales slumps and correct them.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 can do all this and more. It just may be the powerhouse tool your sales team needs to amplify their efforts and empower their success. Let’s take a look at how the right software can (literally) be a deal changer by boosting your sales efforts and turning relationships into ROI for your enterprise.


Selling in a silo means that your marketing processes are disconnected from your prospecting efforts. This can spell disaster for your sales goals. From inaccurate pipelines to unwieldy reporting, most customer relationship management (CRM) platforms just don't provide the kind of detailed analytics that keep a sales team moving forward.

You need a tool that is easy to adopt, improves corporate efficiency, and increases sales. You need a tool that can help you outperform the competition 365 days a year.

Dynamics 365 can be the connective tissue that unifies your sales efforts by converting more leads into sales. Here’s how it works: 


Can a software program like Dynamics 365 improve your prospecting efforts? Absolutely.

Finding new customers can be like looking for a needle in a haystack unless you can use software to identify the right prospects at the right time. Predicting what a client wants and needs and then fulfilling it are some of the most difficult tasks of the professional sales person.

The first step toward customer engagement is to understand exactly who your prospects are individually and as a company. With Dynamics 365, you can leverage shared information collected from a broad team that includes sales reps, customer service, project managers, and anyone else who has contact with a client. From meeting notes documented in real-time to coauthored documents shared between multiple parties, Dynamics 365 allows teams to collaborate efficiently, creating a more robust picture of exactly who your clients are and what motivates them.

You can also create a predictive score for leads to predict which ones would be more likely to convert to a sale. The scoring is added into the customer record for Dynamics 365 to help improve targeting and save time.

If your sales team isn't generating enough leads or talking to the right prospects, Dynamics 365 can help. The software will allow you to create alerts matched to online purchasing patterns. Task automation can help boost productivity, and marketing automation can reach customers consistently and effortlessly.

When you combine this shared insight with the information gleaned from social media, a picture begins to emerge of the companies and decision makers you’re targeting.


Your information will be only as good as the data itself. Dynamics 365 has an automatic record creation and update rules that will help ensure the quality of the information you’re capturing.

Dynamics 365 has an analytical algorithm that helps you find and engage more qualified prospects. This improves your chances of closing the deal. Dynamics 365 can score leads, generate new leads and improve your lead data with contact details, demographics, and social media usage.

Personalized dashboards and reporting can take customer insights and sales performance into actionable insights that can change the course of your business. Data visualization tools help share key insights that bring goals clearly into focus for everyone in the organization. This information can help foster a culture of accountability that drives a sales team to work both smarter and harder. 


Selling is still about creating and nurturing relationships so that when they’re ready to buy, they think of you first. Finding a software platform like Dynamics 365 can actually enhance this process by using marketing to cut through the digital noise to consistently stay in front of clients and prospects.

In this noisy, cluttered digital environment, the personalization of your corporate message is one way to get attention. With Dynamics 365 you can simultaneously personalize a template and automate an email campaign designed specifically for your prospects.

IBM says that cold calls are only 3% effective, but 75% of B2B buyers are using social media in their decision-making process. Microsoft Social Engagement tracks social media interactions, including views and responses to sponsored products or services. This data can be reviewed and presented in charts and graphs. With Dynamics 365, you can help improve the success of cold calling by turning them into informed warm calls.

Dynamics 365 integrates completely with the Office 365 suite so that relationship management can occur at all levels of your organization. You can schedule meetings or send emails, have online conferences, and take notes at every step in the process. This is true 365 contact—every touch point of customer contact can be housed in one key location, which improves collaboration and organization across all departments no matter how large the enterprise.


The salesperson’s job is to stay in front of a client until they are ready to buy. Leveraging an in-app marketing feature can help you connect with prospects. You can send out white papers and blogs or other content over a long or short period of time. Predictive analytics helps target campaigns to the right audience.

Effectively communicating with customers while collaborating with the sales team will help nurture more leads for them to close. Marketing automation can enhance long-term relationships with prospects, using thought leadership to build your company's reputation, so trust is already developed by the time the sales rep goes for a visit.

It’s easy to create template documents, so sales teams can easily remain within your brand standards while improving their speed and professional response to customers and prospects. Data from Dynamics 365 CRM can be automatically populated into any of these forms.

If your sales team is spending too much time on paperwork instead of selling, Dynamics 365 can tip the balance in your favor by allowing cross-functional collaboration that will speed up the transmission of mission critical information.


Set sales goals and track performance to check your progress. Dynamics 365 allows you to manage regional sales territories, which will help you lessen duplicated efforts. Dynamics 365 lets you coordinate the efforts of multiple departments from one centralized hub. This way, sales knows if there was a customer service issue before the clients call.

The beauty of SaaS (software as a service) is that sales reps can connect anywhere there is a digital connection. Being able to respond to prospects and customers quickly and from any location will quickly help sales performance improve. If you’re meeting with a client on-site, you can jot down quick information in OneNote and attach it to the customer record.

You can import lists and create campaigns, then monitor open or click-through rates with your targets. You can run reports that prove what’s working and what’s not, which allows you to change prospecting behaviors to make the team more effective. Analytics based on past sales history can provide important information on future sales trends. You can forecast sales and track your prospecting funnel, or create customized reports incorporating data from many sources including QuickBooks, Google Analytics, and much more.  Dynamics 365 was designed to capture real-time information in one place intuitively.

Quotes and sales orders, price lists, or any other relevant documents can be stored and shared, creating an impressive collaboration between all departments in an enterprise.

Run reports by region, by sales executive or by time range, and set up automation to send the information across your organization. The task management feature allows you to share documents, take notes, and set ticklers. As a communication tool, Dynamics 365 is outstanding. From screen sharing and instant messaging to video/audio conferencing, this software has it all.


Clearly, this isn't just a basic Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or sales tool. Dynamics 365 offers best-in-class sales insight along with unparalleled marketing automation that facilitates intelligent and creative collaboration between operations, marketing, and sales.

Dynamics 365 improves the accessibility of customer information, increases the productivity of your teams, makes visible all data to cross-functional teams and offers unparalleled enterprise-level reliability and security. It offers sales productivity on the fly, no matter where your team is working. From Skype for Business to full interactivity with all digital devices, Dynamics 365 provides a world-class solution for sales teams that are ready to take it to the next level.


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