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How to Use CRM & Sales Automation Software to Increase Your Sales Team's Productivity

Posted by IES on Oct 6, 2015 4:39:01 PM

Sales Team ProductivityCustomer Relationship Management (CRM) software is a core business platform that integrates all your departments, allowing you to manage each of them in one place. Ultimately the power of CRM is that it facilitates lead generation and converts sales accounts into repeat customer accounts. It can be used to improve and accelerate the entire customer experience, including billing and collections through sales automation. Here are ways CRM can increase productivity with your sales staff.


Personalized Service

Using sales lead management tools like a CRM software will help sales representatives can learn about any customer quickly, without ever having dealt with them in the past. The customer's entire purchasing history with your company, along with notes on feedback can be reviewed before making a sales call or doing follow-up market research. This type of sales pipeline management helps sales people learn about each customer's needs on a personal level, allowing them to make better forecasts on when and how to approach the customer for future sales.

Addressing Customer Complaints

CRM is a powerful sales lead management tool that helps your company prioritize customer complaints in a timely manner, so that interaction reduces the risk of defection to a competitor. Documenting customer complaints gives sales managers the ability to assign follow-up work to make sure issues are addressed. Contacting the customer to resolve the complaint allows your company to strengthen relationships and become closer to your market. By improving customer satisfaction you will raise your trust level and retain more business, which can lead to increased referrals.

Increase Demand Through Social Media

Social media, as part of CRM, allows you to provide instant customer service, which can speed up order processing. Answering customer questions in real time is one of the keys to converting leads to sales. Another way your sales team can increase productivity with social media is to raise awareness about products or services that suit the customer's needs. By directing them to landing pages or providing product information, the customer can be led through the sales funnel faster than if they simply visited your website without interacting through a social network.

Since social media is two-way communication, you can learn about the customer's needs by asking questions as well as answering questions. Every interaction allows you to add information to the customer's profile, and evaluate whether it's a hot, warm or future lead. CRM is also useful for Vendor Relationship Management (VRM) and having instant contact information at your fingertips. Reducing search time is another example how CRM can increase productivity.


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