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A look into the world of Microsoft Dynamics.


Posted by IES on Nov 23, 2015 2:20:02 PM

Project Management SoftwareKnowing the where, when, how and why of your business processes aids with every aspect of your business and its communication with customers and suppliers alike. Getting to this stage requires the right software and there isn’t any better than Microsoft Dynamics.


Project management Microsoft software provides everything your business needs to thrive in a world where even the smallest advantage can make a huge difference. There are four main elements to Microsoft Dynamics and each can play a crucial role in the organization of your company:

Microsoft Dynamics GP focuses on the money, but in a holistic way that ties finance to every other aspect of your business. The software provides you with financial management and accounting, inventory management and operations, sales and service management, business reporting, tracking and analytics, and human resources and payroll, all in one place and at a touch of a button.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM and project management software is the element you need to grow your customer segment and your reputation. Its primary purpose is to allow you to reach your customers and provide them with a personalized experience that lets them know they are important to you and your company. Not only does it create happier customers, but it also provides you with smarter marketing solutions, predictive customer engagement, and a better return on investment.

You also need software that keeps everyone within your organization on the same page and moving in the same general direction. This is the purpose of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. By bringing everything together in one place, it increases productivity and minimizes the risk of miscommunications and lost revenue through missed or double booked appointments. Its ability to be accessed remotely means that even out of the office your team is working together.

The fourth element is no less important. In fact, it could be understood as the glue that holds everything else together. Microsoft Dynamics SharePoint is the solution to secure document storage, searching, and retrieval, without the need for additional office space, reams of paper, or a security guard. It is not just about your word documents either; it can store information from the other software elements, including email messages, and provide you with a full tamper-proof, legally binding backup for all parties concerned.

To find out more about what CRM and project management Microsoft software can do for your business, contact Internet eBusiness Solutions and talk to the experts today!

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