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How Microsoft Copilot and Dynamics 365 Field Service Combine for Great Customer Support

Posted by Alanna Friedberg on Jan 16, 2024 10:00:00 AM


It’s no secret that AI is transforming everything about helping customers, including those in the field. Field service constantly evolves, with organizations dealing with everything from unpredictable economics to changing customer preferences. As always, companies must do more with less and require innovative solutions to make that happen. That’s possible thanks to the combination of Dynamics 365 Field Service and Copilot, Microsoft’s AI-powered assistant that helps accelerate field service productivity.

What is Microsoft Copilot?

Microsoft Copilot is an AI assistant for all Dynamics 365 modules, including Field Service. It supplements the work performed by field service agents, increasing their productivity by lowering the time they must spend on manual tasks. All frontline workers can view, create, and manage work with the help of Generative AI.

  • Work order recaps — Highlights important work order information like notes, activities, products, and services. It helps users catch up on an issue without reviewing all work order details.
  • Order creation from emails — Lets field workers use Microsoft Outlook to pull relevant information from emails and use it to fill out work orders.
  • Order creation from Teams — Lets field workers pull information from Teams conversations to fill in work order information.
  • Customized responses — Uses information pulled from Teams and Outlook to generate summaries to share with customers.
  • Resource scheduling — Recommends which field service technicians to assign work orders based on availability, expertise, skills, and other attributes.

Benefits of Using Dynamics 365 Field Service and Microsoft Copilot AI

Let’s look at how organizations can transform field service delivery and leverage customer support automation using features provided by Dynamics 365 Field Service and Microsoft Copilot AI.  

1. Streamlined Work Order Creation

Many frontline workers need help handling repetitive tasks that take time away from more meaningful work. A service manager for a telecom might get an email notifying them that service is down for a specific location.

Without automation, that would require manually setting up a work order, looking for an available technician, and ensuring all the required information was filled in correctly. Any mistakes could delay service or give the assignment to an already-overloaded field worker.

Copilot’s ability to integrate seamlessly with Outlook and AI capabilities streamlines work order creation for managers. It can review the content of the email, determine that a work order is the correct action, then suggest the manager create a work order directly in Outlook.

That manager can tap and button to generate a work order already pre-filled by Copilot based on historical information from past work orders. Copilot also prioritizes work orders using natural language processes to assess communications and determine if a situation is urgent.

2. Accelerated Service

Every customer interaction matters, especially the last one. That’s what will stay with customers long after the job is over. Dynamics 365 Field Service gives workers the tools to increase productivity and find effective customer solutions. That translates to better customer service and builds trust and loyalty with customers.

Copilot reduces the time field technicians spend figuring out whether they have the right tools for the job. All relevant information is placed in front of them in a Copilot-generated work order. That allows workers to keep their focus on the tasks they need to complete for the assigned job.

Instead of a confusing work order filled with data entry mistakes, Copilot helps ensure that workers have a concise description of a customer’s issue. It also contains suggestions on resolving a problem, allowing technicians to make faster decisions in the field with a higher accuracy rate. That reduces customer downtime, leading to a positive customer experience.

3. Optimized Service Operations

The Dynamics 365 Field Service mobile experience puts all the information they need for a job on the screen of their favorite mobile device. The modern interface and controls help streamline the management of order Services, Tasks, and Products.

A technician can update the booking status and quickly find directions to a customer’s house. The user-friendly design reduces the time field workers spend locating critical information related to a work order. They can add notes regarding a job and have them immediately accessible to the home office.

The Guides function embedded in the Field Service mobile application provides technicians with guided instructions, videos, and pictures explaining how to handle a task. Frontline workers can also view upcoming work orders and find essential details like a customer’s location or what issue needs resolving.

4. Microsoft Ecosystem Integration

Integrating Copilot into Field Service and Microsoft 365 augments a worker’s ability to sustain quality customer service interactions. Organizations that use the AI-enhanced platform gain an edge over competitors thanks to increased productivity. They boost the ability of workers to provide fast customer solutions thanks to the ability to tap into information from Microsoft 365 applications like Teams, Outlook, and Excel.

Upcoming Enhancements for Field Service and Copilot

Microsoft constantly looks for ways to improve its Dynamics 365 platform. Organizations can use asset performance solutions from Willow and  ICONICS with Dynamics Field Service to share insights regarding equipment issues. Businesses can become proactive about detecting and resolving problems with their assets. Organizations can leverage Internet-of-Things (IoT) solutions to boost asset monitoring and service management. Front-line workers are empowered to make more informed, data-based decisions regarding repairs and other services.

Copilot helps by summarizing and updating work orders based on information from IoT solutions. That streamlines service workflows, enhances order service quality, and improves response times.

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