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Microsoft Dynamics Consulting Helps Great Plains Businesses Interact Better With Customers And Staff

Posted by IES on Dec 31, 2014 5:41:00 PM


Sometimes the gap in communications between departments, teams and individuals widens in proportion to the urgency at hand: silos of information remain in quiet isolation while stakeholders scurry about making ill -formulated  decisions.

Today, with the advances made in customer relationship management (CRM) software, the bridges between those silos lead many out of the depths of bad decisions and better customer service.

For example, it always seems like Marketing has it’s own objectives that often leave Sales wondering what’s happening next; tie-in complaints, or questions, from customers responding to a recent promo and it’s a perfect storm for what can go wrong when the left hand knows little about what the right is doing.

CRM software, like the Redmond Giant’s (MSFT) Dynamics suite, not only engages customers through today’s social media channels, but it helps plan, implement and analyze marketing campaigns by offering collaboration among team members from Sales and Customer Service staff.

For example, marketing plans can integrate key data in the sales department, offering suggested ways to cross-sell and up-sell customers; too, sales teams can follow a step configuration that helps them maximize lead follow ups---customer’s contact you after they’re 57% through the buying cycle!

The backbone of Dynamics is the collaborative nature of the platform. Sales people can inform marketing of the success they might be having with that “A” or “B” campaign.  What’s more, the B2B sales and marketing process allows users to set up numerous scoring models, while offering webinar integration, for example. Email campaigns don’t have to be straight text: templates allow users to drop-drag relevant graphics and photos to specific recipients.

Furthermore, the focus can be turned to ‘inside’ the company: managers can track the progress of key projects, making sure objectives and deadlines are being met.

Of course, the mobile aspect of this platform provides access where decisions need to be made, be it in the office, on the road or in the client’s boardroom.  

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