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Microsoft Dynamics For The Health Care Industry: 3D Bioprinting

Posted by IES on Aug 13, 2015 6:58:03 PM

Microsoft Dynamics For The Health Care IndustryMedical technology advances every day. New techniques and treatments offer greater potential for reversing the ravages of aging and disease than ever before. One such potential boon is found in the concept of 3D bioprinting.

Research and development of 3D bioprinting, while still in its formative stage, offers insight into the potential of one of the most important techniques of organ and tissue replacement the medical world has seen. The potential for engineering human tissue and creating new organs makes this field a revolutionary one.

Due to the interest of many in the healthcare field, the topic of 3D bioprinting is creating alliances which will hopefully drive further research and development. Companies in the healthcare field are partnering with universities and research institutes to increase awareness of the tremendous possibilities with an eye on increasing funding for development as well.

Much of the current research occurs in the US, but the hope is to spread the interest worldwide. Costs for developing the technique are high. Spreading them out among researchers across the globe will not only help development but will increase the market awareness of the technique. Research analyst Jithendranath Rabindranath believes it is necessary to encourage this spread "to speed up the commercialization of 3D printing on a global scale". It is his belief that this will increase availability of the technique once it becomes viable.

This incredible opportunity is on the cutting edge of a medical revolution. Microsoft Dynamics for the health care industry will be part of that revolution. Microsoft Dynamics ongoing commitment to developing new technology has never wavered. This new field will be an important addition to Dynamics.

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