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The Top Questions Our Microsoft Dynamics GP Consultants Get Asked on the Job

Posted by IES on May 31, 2016 8:00:00 AM

Microsoft_Dynamics_GP_Consultants.jpgAs experts within their field, our Microsoft Dynamics GP consultants are asked a great deal of questions while on the job. Some of them are unique to a client's business, but others are general purpose questions that offer valuable insights into the platform and our service. Here are a few of the most common questions our Microsoft Dynamics GP consultants are asked.

Top Questions Our Microsoft Dynamics GP Consultants Get Asked

Are There Any Shortcuts?

There are always faster and slower ways to implement a system depending on your company's unique needs. But in general, the answer is "it will take as long as it takes." There's only one right way to implement and integrate a system, but there are different ways to design a system depending on your company's specifications, budget, and goals. We let our clients know that we’ll take the time to develop a process that will work for their specific business.

How Long Have You Been Doing This?

At IES, our consultants have an average of 14 years of experience in consultancy and development. When you work with IES, you are certain to have a well-rounded, well-developed team on your side whose goal is ensuring that your Microsoft Dynamics solutions are tailored to fit your business. IES itself was first launched in 2000, and as a Microsoft Certified Gold Solutions Partner, all of our team members are experienced and specialized.

Why Microsoft Dynamics?

Being a Microsoft Certified Gold Solutions Partner has given us the opportunity to explore Microsoft's powerful suite of integrated technologies. Unlike many other solutions, Microsoft Dynamics GP is able to integrate into the entire inventory of Microsoft's products, thereby providing more value to our clients. By focusing on Microsoft Dynamics GP, NAV, CRM, and more, we are able to offer better, more specialized expertise. Microsoft Dynamics GP is a full-service ERP solution with extraordinary power. And in recent years, it has focused on advanced cloud technologies, making it a more effective solution than ever before.

What Additional Support Can You Offer?

At IES, we provide everything from employee training to software development. When you work with our consultancy crew, you are assigned a team that is dedicated to supporting your Microsoft Dynamics GP platform. Whether you need basic support or want to further customize and develop Microsoft Dynamics GP to suit your business, we are able to create scalable and flexible solutions for you.

If you're looking for a Microsoft Dynamics GP consultant—or simply have additional questions we didn’t answer above—contact us today at IES. We pride ourselves on our customer service, and our talented and experienced crew is standing by to answer any questions you may have about our solutions and our process.


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