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What Does CRM Software Do and Why Should Your Sales Team Be Using It?

Posted by IES on Sep 28, 2015 3:34:04 PM

CRM and Sales TeamYou might have heard the term "CRM" thrown around in recent months or years. But exactly what does CRM software do? And why use a CRM software at all? This is a commonly used acronym for a business tool that many companies find they can't live without once they put it into place. Here, we'll explore the basics and benefits of CRM software so you can learn how your business may profit from such a system.


The Basics

Let's start with the very basics. CRM stands for customer relationship management. Thus, this system is built to make the management of customer relationships easier and more valuable to everyone involved. This is where you should store client contact information, whether it pertains to current or prospective customers. This system is where your team goes to learn about specific clients' needs, wants, and one-offs.

The Team

Anyone who has any interaction or dealings with your customers can benefit from a customer relationship management system. This is where your sales team can log vital information that can help them close (or keep) the deal. Unique needs and individual requests can easily be stored in a customer relationship management system in a way that is uniform and easily searchable when needed. Executive leadership team members should be able to use this system when problems arise so they can understand how the client is using your business and what issues they may have had in the past. Customer service representatives may have access to this type of system, too, particularly if they're front-line employees to your establishment.

The Benefits :Why Use a CRM System?

imply having all of your customers' information in a single, searchable place is a benefit in itself, but this is far from the only benefit to be had from implementing a proper CRM into your workplace. The following are just a handful of the benefits of CRM software:

  • Accuracy

    When information is scattered around, information gets lost in translation. With a customer relationship management system, your staff has one place to go to find, add, and modify information, as needed. This means that outdated or false information can be easily caught and corrected then made available for the team's use again.

  • Maximized Cross-Selling

    When you know how a customer uses your services, you'll have more opportunities to enhance their portfolio. Customer relationship management systems can easily track histories and trends.

  • Improved Relationships

    Knowing a customer's nuances can build stronger relationships and help your team brace for potential challenges.

    Are you interested in learning how customer relationship management systems can enhance your current business? Contact our team, and let's talk about the possibilities!m

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