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What Is Dynamics AX? It's Microsoft's ERP Software For Mid And Large-Size Companies; Enhances 'Collaboration' And 'Real-Time' Reports.

Posted by IES on Jan 27, 2015 5:43:00 PM

microsoft dynamicsWhat is Dynamics AX? 

Microsoft Dynamics AX, is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, is part of the Redmond Giant’s family of ‘Dynamic’ products; its most recent version was released in 2012 and is available in 25 countries and in over twenty languages. At one time, it was being developed by both IBM and Damgaard Data---IBM Axapta, released in 1998.

The platform oversees both operational and administrative processes for midsize and large enterprise companies; the suite of plentiful modules (@ 19) integrates many Microsoft Officeapplications, including Excel.

It’s design embraces the workings and structure of many vertical markets, such as those in manufacturing, retail and the service industries; too, it is suited for the public sector as well.

It’s an out-of-the-box solution to a growing organization’s needs for on-demand financial reports; those same reports can also be generated for most any business intelligence and supply chain overviews.

Companies with people who must travel locally, or abroad, can integrate expense and budget reports in real-time. Personnel can access their documents and files via the suite’s mobile capabilities, adding to the collaborative nature of this software as workers can share information and files from work sites, or on the road.

A key tool is the customer relationship management module (CRM), which provides users the ability to integrate all of the business data, leads, customer profiles and vendor contacts in a single database. What’s more, it includes a Human Resources suite for effective management of current and past employee histories, durations as well as their timeline for benefit eligibility.

Sales teams can handle their incoming calls with full knowledge of the customer’s purchasing history; too, ample opportunities may surface to cross-sell a particular client with other company products or services.

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