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How the Latest Microsoft Dynamics CRM Features Help Improve Customer Engagement

Posted by IES on Jul 12, 2016 8:00:00 AM

Microsoft_dynamics_crm_features-1.jpgCustomer engagement is arguably one of the most important aspects of any enterprise. Customer engagement improves upon satisfaction, sales, and retention -- all of which improve a company's bottom line. With the Spring 2016 wave, there is a number of new Microsoft Dynamics CRM features that are designed with the goal of improving customer engagement and thereby increasing business profitability. Here is a rundown of these features.

Better Data Insights and Analytics

Better algorithms for data analytics are designed to provide employees with actionable information regarding client behavior. These insights will show whether clients are satisfied and whether they are more likely to make purchases. Companies will be able to see individual data for specific clients (lead scoring), in addition to more comprehensive data regarding their overall demographics. This will give the company critical information regarding which products their clients want and whether they are happy with their current level of service and quality. Being able to gather this information can give a company a significant edge over its competition.

Consolidated Customer, Product, and Operational Data

Employees are empowered through a more consolidated platform that gives them all the information they need whenever they need it. Information regarding customers, products, services, and the operation itself can all be accessed quickly and on-the-fly by employees that need that data. By empowering employees in such a way, companies are able to give them complete control over their own positions. Employees are able to better serve customers and to make better, faster decisions on behalf of the company. Consolidated information can also be used by management and supervisory staff to identify areas in which employees may need to improve their operational and administrative tasks. 

Operation Optimization through In-App Help

In-app help and features in the new Microsoft Dynamics CRM are designed to improve operations through suggestions. The in-app help can now give information about optimizing a company's operation, including potential automation. Tips can be used by employees to further improve operations on every level, from employees who are working directly with clients to upper management and other higher level staff members. In-app help provides an on-the-fly experience that training and documentation alone can't facilitate. 

Azure IoT and Azure Machine Learning

One of the most exciting things about the new Microsoft Dynamics CRM features is the new Azure IoT and Azure Machine Learning system. This system operates by collecting sensor data through a connected Internet of Things network in addition to consolidating a variety of customer information -- often from disparate, third-party systems. This data is then consolidated and analyzed. This type of data collection will provide a better and more accurate analysis picture for many businesses and operates well beyond more traditional CRM platforms. The goal of Azure Machine Learning and advanced analysis is to be able to anticipate a client's desires and needs proactively and before the competition. 

New features are added to Microsoft Dynamics CRM all the time -- but business owners still need to be educated about these features before they can start using them. For more information about the extensive benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM (and the new Microsoft Dynamics CRM features) consult with the experts at IES.

Image by: Joe The Goat Farmer