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Optimize Telecommunications Customer Engagement With Microsoft CRM Solutions

Posted by IES on Jan 27, 2015 5:32:00 PM

best-crm-softwareIn today's communications industry, competition is fierce, and each company must excel at customer service in order to retain its clients. With Microsoft CRM Solutions, customer service can be optimized via the many avenues it provides for increased communication.

Microsoft CRM Solutions provide a number of channels through which customer service can be performed. These include phone and e-mail access, web self service, social media, chat and mobile device.  

Even in today's tech friendly business environment, many customers still prefer to deal with representatives over the phone.  Microsoft CRM Solutions provide this capability, as well as e-mail options for those customers who prefer that avenue of communication.

Microsoft CRM Solutions also provide the option of web self-service for those customers who prefer a more technical approach, or are pressed for time.  This option also ensures order accuracy and prompt delivery.

Opportunities for customer engagement via social media are also made available by Microsoft CRM Solutions.  Using this method, communications providers can interact with existing customers as well as market their services to new prospects, gaining new business.

With Microsoft CRM Solutions, chat is also an option for customer service. This way, customers who do not wish to wait for a response via e-mail, yet do not want to take the time to phone, can also access speedy customer service in order to have their issues resolved or questions answered.

Finally, Microsoft CRM Solutions provide access to customer service via mobile devices.  Customers wishing to pursue this avenue will now find it easy to do so.

Customers of today's telecommunications industry come from a wide assortment of backgrounds, and, as such, have varied preferences when it comes to how they wish to deal with customer service representatives. With Microsoft CRM Solutions, all of these preferences can be accommodated, leading to a more satisfying customer service experience for each customer, at any time.

For more information on how Microsoft CRM Solutions can build better relationships with your telecommunications customers, contact us.


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