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What Can Microsoft Dynamics 365 Do for Your Organization?

Posted by IES on Mar 30, 2021 9:00:00 AM

What-Can-Microsoft-Dynamics-365-Do-for-Your-OrganizationMicrosoft Dynamics 365 is more than just another CRM solution. It provides a full suite of cloud software solutions that help organizations streamline many of the manual business processes that can bog down your workers' efficiency. Incorporating the right elements of the Dynamics 365 platform can give your employees the freedom to focus on the tasks critical to achieving company goals. The following overview should provide some clarity if you’re still having trouble figuring out the answer to the question: What can Dynamics 365 do for your business?

Dynamics 365 Business Central

Business Central helps small and mid-sized organizations manage their company while automating and streamlining manual business processes. Combining the features of Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations and the cloud-SaaS version of Dynamics NAV helps companies optimize functionality in their sales, operations, finance, and customer service areas.

Your organization no longer must contend with the limitations of other lower-level accounting platforms and clunky ERPs. Dynamics 365 Business Central provides an all-in-one dynamic solution to accommodate your core business functions.

  • Reduce Your Business Silos — Help users in customer service, sales, finance, and operations connect through a seamless user experience. Business Central gives everyone a simplified user interface to access the business tools necessary to provide business users and customers with a premium experience.
  • Get Real-Time Insights — Get real-time feedback using intelligence tools like Power BI and Power Apps and Flow with Dynamics 365 Business Central.
  • Customize to Fit Your Business Needs — You can improve the functionality of Business central by tailoring the solutions to fit the services your company provides.

Dynamics 365 Sales

The CRM Sales platform gives sales agents the kind of tools that help convert sales prospects into customers. Users can create dynamic dashboards containing the critical information needed to determine the best methods of driving more revenue into an organization. The MS Dynamics CRM helps sales agents kit KPIs through:

  • Smart Features — The way that the CRM unifies the presentation of relationship data improves prospect targeting. The AI-driven software allows agents to set up automated reminders and receive suggestions on improving their ability to hit critical KPIs for the organization.
  • Improved Performance with Real-Time Data — A constant stream of up-to-date information across dashboards helps sales managers spot potential sales leads in critical markets. That allows them to step in and provide essential coaching to agents that can improve their sales performance.
  • Figure Out What Works — The AI-driven capabilities of the MS Dynamics CRM make sales agents and their managers smarter by showing them what activities yield the most success in closing sales. That allows teams to implement strategies for more consistency in delivering on critical KPIs. Managers can use drag-and-drop features to create job-specific dashboards and create real-time reports to share with their sales team and upper management.

Dynamics 365 CRM Customer Service

Improve your relationships with customers using the features provided through Dynamics 365 CRM Customer service. This helps you organize various customer interactions in a cohesive, sophisticated way that supports your efforts to build long-term relationships. Some of the features that help you in those efforts include:

  • Chats that let you provide immediate responses to customer inquiries while recording and tracking all activity
  • Communication options that give customers a choice in how they choose to engage with your organization, including through email, text, or with a person by phone or video
  • Providing customer agents with data from past customer interactions with your company while speaking with them to ensure customers get the best possible experience
  • Offering AI-driven suggestions to customer agents on how to respond to customer inquiries and improve overall customer satisfaction
  • Receiving analytical insights that visualize trends and identify issues to correct and reduce customer complaints

Dynamics 365 Field Service

Dynamics 365 Field Services can improve communications between your home office and field agents dealing directly with customers. Automated workflows and scheduling algorithms help speed up the delivery of service to customers in remote areas. Your field teams can work smarter and make more informed decisions that lead to bottom-line improvements like better workload distribution and proactive maintenance.

Other improvements your organization can make with Dynamics 365 Field Services include:

  • Using smart analytics to improve your record of fixing a problem correctly the first time a field agent responds to a service call
  • Using Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled monitoring devices to provide remote fixes for issues
  • Improving follow-ups with customers and finding opportunities to upsell related services
  • Providing technicians with a more extensive knowledge pool to improve responsiveness

Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations allow organizations to cover domestic and global supply chain operations while managing financial operations in the corporate office. Dynamics 365 Finance helps organizations monitor what’s going on worldwide in different markets and make predictions on future behavior. That helps your company:

  • Make smarter and more strategic financial decisions
  • User business intelligence-enhanced financial automation to help employees work smarter
  • Lower your global risk by tracking real-time trends

Dynamics 365 Operations helps companies leverage their supply chain to give them a competitive edge. It lets them use predictive intelligence to help with managing essential supply chain functions like planning, production, logistics, and warehousing to:

  • Cut down on manufacturing downtime using remote monitoring equipment
  • Boost production
  • Modernize warehouse management using predictive analytics
  • Maximize equipment use
  • Automate supply chain functions

Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation

Properly implemented automation helps companies improve their workforce efficiency and free them up to focus on tasks critical to hitting important business KPIs. You can make improvements in areas like:

  • Coordinating interactions between sales and billing departments to cut down on miscommunication
  • Monitoring and adjusting costs and activities per project using predictive analysis
  • Planning out complex projects with improved estimations and resource deployment
  • Communicating the status of projects by creating visualizations
  • Improving invoicing and reduce the need for adjustments
  • Boosting profit margins through more efficient service delivery

Find Out What Dynamics 365 Can Deliver for Your Company

Internet eBusiness Solutions (IES) understands the need for organizations to get the most for their money. We can help your company understand how does Dynamics 365 work and the improvements the platform can make in day-to-day business functions. Set up a consultation with one of our agents today to gain more insight into what does Microsoft Dynamics 365 do and the platform's benefits. 


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