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Posted by IES on Oct 27, 2015 3:36:50 PM

CRM Helping Sales Team

You may have hired the most amazing sales team any company has ever had its hands on, but if you don't have the right tools in place, your people may be missing out on vital chances to enhance your customers' relationships from very basic levels.  Dynamics CRM integration can help you reel in the possibilities so your sales team can be more productive.


Here's how:

Customer Information.

If you don't know your customers, you can't find ways to fit their needs better. An integrated CRM captures customer data and puts it in one single, succinct place. This is where billing, shipping, contact, and other information lives. When your sales team needs to learn more about a specific client, all of the information is at their fingertips.

Accounting Integration.

When paired with accounting, Microsoft Dynamics integration  can help your sales staff realize where customers are spending their money so they can customize solutions for the future. A well-built system will help your sales force forecast needs and wants so they're ready to take your clients' challenges on head first.

Complaints and Compliments.

An effective CRM stores complaints and compliments in a single place, allowing your sales team to get acquainted with customers' needs whenever it's necessary. Compliments are, of course, a place from which to build further business. Complaints should be seen as opportunities, allowing your sales team to find a way to create solutions to problems your customers are experiencing in a semi-proactive manner.

Increased Responsiveness.

Rather than going person to person asking for the best contact person, your sales team has the tools they need to respond to designated persons at a minute's notice. They'll know who the go-to person is at the client site, and they'll be able to phone or email them whatever information they're looking for without going through dozens of "no reply" emails.

Converting Leads.

Your sales team lives and breathes on leads. While they're certainly tasked with going out into the world and making their own connections, it's always nice when some leads are housed onsite. Dynamics CRM integration will help organize, track, and manage leads. And when a sale is made, the right system will help convert leads into dedicated customers by alerting the appropriate end-users.

To learn more about how Microsoft Dynamics integration  can help your sales team achieve maximum results, contact a member of our Internet eBusiness Solutions family today!

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